10 Innovative Gadgets For The Curious Cannabis Consumer

10 Innovative Gadgets For The Curious Cannabis Consumer

By Justin Johnson


BudsFeed is a discovery destination for the cannacurious. Every day of the week, people and brands “seed” the latest cannabis-related products, services, information, and events. Users can cruise BudsFeed’s curated content or cultivate a following for their own brand right on the platform. With 50+ categories, BudsFeed is brimming with amazing, innovative products from across the cannabis spectrum.


By all indications the cannabis and general accessories market is booming, and shows no signs of slowing down. We can’t get enough of the cool gear and gadgets designed with the stoner in mind, and have gathered 10 favorites shared by the BudsFeed community:


1. Lift Innovations 4-Piece Aluminum Grinder


An innovative design combined with high quality Canadian craftsmanship sets Lift Innovation grinders apart from the rest. Lift grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum and the company’s founder has the highest quality standards of anyone in the business when it comes to materials and finishes. Lift’s effortless operation is powered by its scissor-like blades that cut your herb instead of smashing it. There isn’t another grinder on the market that functions like a Lift, and if there is, it’s probably infringing on their intellectual property.


2. Mouthpeace by Mooselabs


With COVID-19 concerns in full swing, the age-old sesh and casual passing of the pipe is on hold for the foreseeable future. One product might actually help reduce some of those concerns. The MouthPeace by Moose Labs was created before the pandemic to address concerns around germs and carcinogens in combusted flower. However, now the product has taken on a whole other level of importance for some consumers. Simply carry your MouthPeace around and you can use it with any piece, be it a bong, dab rig, vape, or blunt.


3. Buddy Personalized One-hitter


BUDDY is a premium one-hitter pipe that is sleek, durable, and customizable to say whatever you want. While there are scores of one-hitters, dugouts, and chillums on the market, the BUDDY is incredibly stylish (especially the new gold edition) and its two piece construction makes it really easy to clean. Letting you add any phrase to your BUDDY makes the ordering process really fun, and obviously makes it an amazing gift.



4. OTTO Smart Rolling Machine


The Otto from Banana Bros is considered to be the first automatic smart milling machine in the world. Banana Bros' innovation aims to advance beyond previous joint rolling tech by providing spot-on consistency each time it grinds and fills a cone. Consider it the desktop version of the industrial Futurola machines. The Otto’s consistency is achieved through several smart components, including its spring-loaded grinder that replicates human hand grinding techniques. And not only is it consistent, but it's also efficient and can fill 20 to 30 joints per charge.



5. Ganjar


Tired of a container that doesn’t do its job? Ganjar is a 1oz, airtight, smell-proof cannabis container. The Ganjar aims to keep your cannabis perfectly fresh with its dual-layered design, with space for a humidity pack, and a hermetic seal. Each Ganjar features a magnifying glass lid that lets you get a close-up of your glorious buds. When you want to put it away, they are nicely stackable. You can get yourself the Ganjar in green, white, and black. We picked up Ganjar in Vegas at MJBizCon and have loved it ever since.



6. Brog Pipe Tool


While billed as a Czech tobacco pipe tool, the multi-faceted Mr. Brog Pipe Tool serves the cannabis community oh so perfectly thanks to this little tool that keeps pipes clean. Equipped with a metal reamer, tamper and spike, Mr. Brog's pipe tool is a useful item to have that won't set your bank account back more than a couple of singles. This tool is super affordable and always a nice little item to throw in a gift bag if you’re having a party or event.



7. Smoke Proper Rolling Kit


Clearly invented by geniuses who all like different sized joints, the Smoke Proper Rolling Kit is simply rolling papers on a scroll, contained in a handy carrying case. The Smoke Proper Rolling Kit includes a 24’ paper roll and comes with two per order. The rolling kit also features two filter tips, a roach clip/poker, a snubber ashtray, dry herb storage, and a spot for your lighter and pre-rolls so you can take your herbs to go.



8. RYOT® HeadCase™

We got to meet the Ryot team while attending the MJBizCon last year and were thrilled by the company's HeadCase Carbon Series with SmellSafe and Lockable Technology. The carbon fiber padding ensures that flower aroma stays in the case by neutralizing and trapping any scents in its SmellSafe tech pores. The outside of the case stays just as protected as the inside, with weather-proof fabric and moisture seal zipper keeping any moisture away from your valuable product. If you travel with your piece in a backpack or briefcase for afternoon hits, this case will make sure you’re not rolling loud when you stroll back into the office.


9. The Clinger

The Clinger is a premium smell proof joint case which attaches onto a standard Bic lighter so that you'll always have a place to keep your pre-rolls and roaches. It's 100% smell proof and slim design allows you to bring it anywhere and makes it the perfect joint case for the stoners on the move. While there are a lot of great pre-roll storage solutions on the market, we love the simplicity of The Clinger and that it serves as a little sidecar to your lighter. It also comes in a variety of different colors and is very giftable.



10. Chill - The Coolest Bong In The World

Chill is the world’s first stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated bong. Like your favorite stainless steel water bottle, Chill’s patented double-wall vacuum insulated construction creates a shield that keeps your ice solid and water chilled for hours, so you can enjoy ice cold hits for hours. While its rugged stainless steel exterior is indestructible compared to traditional pieces, Chill’s patented ceramic interior hits just like glass. And Chill’s interchangeable neckpiece design makes it super easy to clean, add ice, and of course, attach a longer neck for bigger hits.


What is your favorite from the list? Didn't see your personal favorite? Seed it on BudsFeed.com and we might just feature it.

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