10 Steps To Stay Motivated To Be Healthy This Summer

10 Steps To Stay Motivated To Be Healthy This Summer

10 Steps To Stay Motivated To Be Healthy This Summer


Now with the quarantine in place and all the negative news on TV it may feel harder staying motivated to get your health on this summer, especially if you have been in doors for the past 3 months. It is normal to lose yourself in this strange reality we are living today, but remember to be compassionate with yourself and without judgement, understand that health begins with self love. Staying motivated is about being conscious and seeing the big picture - Health should be your main priority. Being healthy and fit is not about maintaining our appearance, it is about survival. We need to not only take our health into our own hands to avoid the need to expose ourselves in a hospital or urgent care but, we also need to reconnect with ourselves, body, mind and spirit and the collective healing of the planet. This global pandemic and the risk that it has posed on our lives, economy and human rights should be enough to stay motivated on our road to health and balance! It is time to heal together, so here are a few tips to stay healthy and motivated this summer.

  1. Hiking: Hiking not only gives you an aerobic workout, but it is also good for your mental health; spending time in nature reduces stress levels and negative thinking. Concerned about too many people? Find trails less traveled in your home park. In most parks, you’ll find labeled trails with colored markers. The yellow trail is usually a nice and wide but heavily traveled trail, choose the blue trail instead that may be narrower and less populated. But be aware that the less traveled trails may be harder.

  2. Spice up your workouts: Spice up your work out with some CBD or Cannabis Sativa dominant strain for energy or Indica dominant strain to reduce pain. The plant helps you be more focused & aware of your body while simultaneously reducing inflammation and helping with pain and post-workout recovery. If you usually feel like doing the opposite of working out when you consume Cannabis, try taking only a small amount pre-workout.

  3. Hit the Beats: Make a fun high beat music playlists to motivate you to work out! Music can serve as a powerful workout motivator. The universe operates in frequencies at its most fundamental level. So using music is a great way to influence your mind, body and energy! Crank up the beats and feel the music energize you! Try throwing a dance party in your house to motivate everyone in your household to get moving.

  4. Experiment: Experiment with Different forms of movement. You don’t have to stick to doing only one kind of at home work out. There are countless ways to move your body and maintain health, especially in nature! Try experimenting with different kinds of movement practices everyday, but make sure you leave some time for recovery.

  5. Disconnect to Reconnect: Disconnect from TVs, Computer devices and Phones that may easily distract you and send you to the couch. Notice how long you spend connected to the virtual world, what it does to your motivation and how you can reduce the screen time. Reconnect with your physical, emotional and mental state which will keep you present, motivated and energized to continue your road to wellness.

  6. Use your Green Thumb: We all have a green thumb, we just need to tap into it. Gardening or growing your own food indoors is a great way to connect with nature, stay active, grounded, and eating healthy. Growing your food can be as easy as rooting and regrowing your onions or basil in a cup of water next to your kitchen sink, or it could be as complex as growing all of your food needs in a hydroponic system. Learning to grow will not only enhance your perspective on eating healthy whole organic foods, but it will also ensure your survival if you are ever in a situation where food runs low.

  7. Home Projects: Work on a new project at home that requires you to get physical. Warm up before you begin and make sure that you are taking some time to recover after. Instead of dreading the difficulty of your project, for example if your project is construction, try to view it as your training schedule for the week.

  8. Positive Thinking: Positive thinking has never hurt nobody! In fact your body listens to your thoughts and will reflect your thoughts and beliefs in its physical and emotional form. Staying positive and light hearted will keep you healthy and feeling good and will ensure that you stay focused and motivated on what’s important - Self Love and Self Care.

  9. Sick or Injured?: Don’t be discouraged by your current condition. Learn to love your healing process, and be grateful and patient with yourself. There are many gentle ways of supporting your physical, mental and energetic healing. Try physical therapy videos, Tai Chi, Qi gong or restorative yoga. Get some fresh air and sunlight and if you can’t work out, work in. Try doing breathing exercises and meditation such as the Wim Hof Method and focus on breathing into the area of discomfort. SannaOhana Yoga offers free Restorative CBD Yoga classes twice per week with a 15 minute breathing and meditation section at the beginning of each class. Check out our website for more information.

  10. Prepare: Preparing for your physical training is just as important as the training itself. Hydrate before working out and avoid drinking alcohol the night before as it will lead to injuries. Warm up your muscles, joints and respiratory system before working out. Get a good night’s sleep, and If you need to eat before working out, eat simple carbs and fats and try to avoid protein and fiber which are difficult to digest and can upset your stomach and make you nauseous. Choose the time of the day when your body feels its best, in the morning men and women have higher testosterone and brain function while in the late afternoon, blood is thinnest and therefore improves performance. Lastly, plan for your recovery. Drink water to reduce soreness, take a restorative yoga practice, CBD, magnesium oil or epsom salt bath, or foam roll before and after your workout.

There you go! We hope these ten tips have motivated you to stay healthy and active this summer! Feel free to reach out to us with any of your health and wellness questions!


-Namaste, Estefania & Salam

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