An Open Letter From Black Rose

An Open Letter From Black Rose

Hey HM Family. This is your BUD Black Rose and I wanted to share some things I’ve been doing to keep busy and entertained while we go through this Self-Healing time. As we all see, there has been a shift in our daily routines. With most of the world shut down due to no work, places to socialize like sporting events and concerts, bars, spas and schools etc. we’ve been forced to spend more time at home. I have some tips on things we can do to make use of our time while we have so much of it dispensable to us. You can’t lie, most of us have one way or another wished in the past to have more TIME. 


First things first: BREATHE ... take this time to really just let go of any stress or worry. I know many are thinking of the fact that there isn’t any monetary flow coming in and bills are heavy on our minds. Food and cannabis might be running low while we wait for things like unemployment or stimulus checks to hit. To the people who live alone and are starting to feel like adults on punishment. Don’t worry guys. We will all get through this and I have some ideas for us all as a collective. 


• Create a daily routine that matches your lifestyle. Remember guys, we aren’t prisoners. We are just taking precautions for the greater good of humanity. Writing a schedule for yourself from the moment you wake up all the way to what we can do right before bed is going to be super helpful. As a parent I find this is the key to keeping your little ones focused too. Don’t forget to add some a lot of fun time. Having a schedule and routine helps us all stay sane, active and healthy. 


• Get Fresh air. We might be thinking it’s dangerous to step out because the government is requiring us to practice social distancing and stay away from crowds. That does not mean we can’t go for a walk and get some sun. Vitamin D is necessary to stay healthy physically & emotionally and walking or exercising in the park is very beneficial. You’ll start feeling good in no time if once you get active. 


•Practice Yoga Meditation. People tell me often that they wish they knew how to mediate or how to do yoga. I remember once wondering myself until I began by following some guided videos and just getting on the mat. With practice I  learned to tap within and truly relax and focus on my breathing while listening to my body. This made me feel calm.  Meditation helps remove all of those fears and uncertainties. Take the time to just be in the moment. It doesn’t have to be long either. Start with 5-20 mins of practice a day. I guarantee that you will benefit from this more than I can even put into words. Namaste....


•Fun time and laughter. It is proven that laughter and fun activity boost our happy genes. Happy people feel better. This is a good time to get board games for you and the family. Watching some of your favorite shows and movies is also a great outlet. My favorite thing to do honestly is get creative. Painting, creating sketches at home and letting loose with no judgement is really fun. We can even interact with friends and family online. My friends and I have been tagging each other in fun challenges to have some fun. Push up challenges and dance challenges have been some of my favorite. Use your imagination and tap into that inner child we all have inside. Bake a cake, make your favorite dish. Get some wine or lemon water and just chill . Do whatever it is that makes your feel good. SMILE AND CHOOSE HAPPY. 


• Working from home and entrepreneurship. Some have the ability to work from home and that’s great! But what about those entrepreneurs out there?  Most of my friends who are entertainers that have had shows cancelled hurting them financially. How can they build a different system that will help them maintain some kind of cash flow? I’m going to be honest. It’s going to be a bit tougher but don’t lose faith. Get creative and interact with your audience online. Right now is a good time to feed people your content even more. From a place of love and unity. Your fans will really appreciate it and remember you. This is a good time to write and work on any projects  you’ve been putting behind. Shakespeare worked on one of his best work while in “quarantine”. Let go and show the world your masterpiece!


•Clean home, clear mind. Who here has that one closet or garage you’ve been meaning to clear out? Cleaning can be very therapeutic. Clutter in our space transfers to clutter in our mind. And don’t forget to declutter your social media feeds too! Spring cleaning out home and social Media interactions with things that don’t benefit us will remove so much unnecessary negative energy. You’ll feel lighter and clear minded almost immediately. I personally like to burn some sage and palo santo while at it. Not to mention some good old Happy Munkey Budz for the win. 


Lastly WASH YO MFN HANDS PEOPLE.  It doesn’t take a rocket Scientist to know that hygiene is very important to help stop the spread of any diseases and viruses. Be mindful and save a life. 


I hope you guys find my tips helpful and like what I’ve been doing to stay alive (Ah Ah ah ah, staying alive, staying alive) Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I hope you guys sang that part there too. Love you all and thank you for being part of our Happy Munkey Family!! 

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