When ever I travel I like to go prepared, whether it be to the corner store or in this case to Boston. Yup your guy Ralph ended up hitching a ride to Boston with the Happy Munkey team to the NCIA conference, and I brought my good ole’ fashion Pentax 35mm camera with me. We were staying in an Airbnb in Dorchester, and I knew as soon as we landed I had to explore the neighborhood. Sadly we arrived very late at night so it had to wait till the next morning.


As soon as the sun started to come up, I was in my room breaking out my kit. Now I’m no master roller or anything but hand me a Dutch Master and I can make magic. So I roll up twice with some Jack Herer in the inner leaf of a Dutch and on my way out, I got a smoking buddy to come along with me. Tech King, our resident “king of tech” and fellow photographer, matched my blunts with two spliffs. Now with four cannons on our hands, we were ready to go.


In Boston it is recreationally legal to consume cannabis but being that it still is not federally legal, cops can still hassle you about smoking weed. So please be careful and vigilant of your surroundings, you don’t want to be bothered & you also don’t want to bother other people. Be considerate especially when smoking around / in parks and other family oriented areas.


That being said, as soon as we left the Airbnb we sparked one of the blunts and went up the block with cameras in hand. Just 2 blocks up was Ronan Park a decent space with no one around, so Tech King and I decided that this was going to be our smoke spot. Plus it was perfect for some photos, so why not kill two blunts with one stone.


As we scope out the basketball courts for some shots, we bump into a kindred spirit rolling up on the sidelines, so we gave him the curtesy head nod of smokers recognition, and kept it pushing. The courts were surrounded by fences full of vines and neighboring houses, which was perfect for some landscape shots. By this point the first blunt was long gone, so we lit one of Tech King’s spliffs. The way Tech King rolls, he adds Grabba (which is a cured dark tobacco leaf ) to the joint, which adds a tobacco kick to the hit. Some may refer to it as a spicy spliff, but for someone that smokes blunts it is not too foreign.


Tech King and I ended up walking past this large baseball field to a small observation deck-type area. At the top of this hill you could see all the way to Dorchester bay which provided a nice backdrop for some portraits. With Tech King as my model, I shot away as we as we blew through the spliff. By now we were high as ever, so we sat down in one of the mini baseball dugouts while I reloaded a roll off film into my camera.

We spent an hour and change walking up and down the park, so just to get it over with and to maximize our high for the rest of the day we decided to save the remaining blunt and spliff...


Who am I kidding we smoked the last of it, and used them as props for the rest of the shots. Just as the smoke was ending coincidently so was my roll of film. Which was perfect because the munchies were kicking up something fierce, so Tech King and I cut our adventure short in pursuit of the food.


Boston was such a welcoming place for weed, and the warmth of the cannabis community I experienced there was amazing. Though I didn’t get a chance to venture out more into Boston or dine on any of the local Haitian or Cape Verdian dishes that everyone told me so much about, I definitely see myself going back very soon to fit that all in.


So on that note, Thanks for taking another walk with me, and stay high and stay safe in these streets.

-Rafael Hernandez


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