“BRIDGE H2O” A Well Deserved Tribute With a Taste & Effect To Match

“BRIDGE H2O” A Well Deserved Tribute With a Taste & Effect To Match

Many Happy Munkey regulars know, admire and love Leo Bridgewater.  Leo, for those who don’t know him, is a unique person; driven by his passion to break down so many barriers for his fellow veterans to get access to cannabis to help with many of their symptoms that the VA was treating ineffectively with opiates that tragically, created a world of addicts among a group of Americans who had put their lives on the line to protect our country.


Leo’s advocacy for the veteran community and cannabis community in general is well known! From him working directly with NJ Governor Murphy to get PTSD recognized as a qualifying condition for veterans to get a better medicine, to taking the lead in creating a community of Cannabis friendly souls by launching CannaGather NJ with Roni Soto that identified key issues the legalization bill had to work out (like minority access and social justice reform) have made him a true leader in our community.

So imagine my excitement when my local dispensary, Harmony in Secaucus, NJ, posted a new available strain, Bridge H20, in honor of all that Leo has done, and luckily, I had an appointment the first day the strain was available.  I’m not an expert on describing the terpenes and other measures some of my fellow connoisseurs may focus on; rather, my system is taste, smell and of course the high.  Well, true to form, when I “waked and baked”, this got me pretty fucking high  (21.3% THC), yet I was totally functional. I smoked a bowl and the taste was so smooth, just like Leo, and the colors of the buds were very colorful, also like Leo.  And the high from one bowl lasted a long time, also like Leo once he gets talking….


As we have just celebrated and honored all our Veterans for their service this Memorial Day, Bridge H20 will be an evergreen salute not only to Leo, but to all our Vets from the Cannabis community and all Munkey fans in the area should go check it out and see for yourself!


By Stu Zakim

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