Cannascopes: April 2020

Cannascopes: April 2020


Strain: Hellfire OG

Horoscope: Happy Birthday, my Rams! It’s time you take all that fiery energy & burn out all the things that have been weighing you down



Strain: Bruce Banner

Horoscope: Don’t be foolish in trusting too easily. Take this time to reassess your surroundings & regroup yourself.



Strain: Mother’s Helper

Horoscope: Even though plans may not have come into fruition, there is something very bright to look forward to in the near future.



Strain: Golden Ticket

Horoscope: Ignite your passion in order to get out of that funk you’ve been in. There is no better time than NOW!



Strain: Purple Dream

Horoscope: Instead of waiting for a dead issue to change, have faith and fear- lessly leap into something new.



Strain: Superglue

Horoscope: Relax! You know you need to work on your patience. Use this time to heal your mind & soul.



Strain: Sunshine

Horoscope: No matter what has been lost, let’s see the brighter side of things!



Strain: Space Bomb

Horoscope: Release some of those entitled expectations & good things will begin to flow your way.



Strain: Trinity

Horoscope: Moving on from something or someone may not always be easy, but the Universe always has your back when you are ready.



Strain: Laughing Buddha

Horoscope: Don’t let past experiences hinder your progress. Trust your instincts & smile past all of your worries.



Strain: Purple Champagne

Horoscope: New, prosperous beginnings will come with taking charge of your life. Did someone say adventure time?



Strain: Professor Chaos

Horoscope: Take the time out to listen & pay close attention to those who are wise around you. There are many hidden lessons within.

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