Cannascopes: July 2020

Cannascopes: July 2020

Cannascopes: July 2020


ARIES: Grape Jelly

Guilt may be holding you back. Make amends and definitely trust the process, no matter how much you may want to quit.


TAURUS: Green Lantern

Focus on areas that need internal healing, may it be relationships with others & / or within yourself. Those areas, if unattended, may cause mayhem.


GEMINI: Royal Haze

You’ll achieve what you desire, as long as you express it & go for it in ways you may not be accustomed to. Your own fuel & creativity is key.



Happy CANCER SEASON, my intuitive crabs. Make sure you find a balance between what the mind wants / expects & what your heart desires. A good balance will bring on faster manifestations.


LEO: Zkittlez

Let go of any attachments & expectations. When you stay longing for something, you give off a feeling of not having, which further delays things.


VIRGO: Sourlope

This is a time to focus on yourself. Face the darkness within that holds you back & delays your manifestations. The world mirrors your actions to yourself.


LIBRA: The Vision

Letting go of control helps you have more energy to focus elsewhere. You are urged to believe in yourself (more). You are responsible for your own shine.


SCORPIO: Jamaican Lion

Success comes when things are done, for others & yourself, with unconditional love. Recognition is shown & blessings are then given. When you work alongside the universe you can have it all.



Living with guilt & regret takes away from your gratitude. Make peace with past situations/decisions & free up space to receive more opportunities.


CAPRICORN: Dr. Grinspoon

Your love is invaluable. Just because others don't reciprocate or show appreciation for it doesn’t mean it goes unseen. Keep it up & raise your energy to untouchable heights.



Forgiveness to yourself is being urged. You have been a bit tough on yourself. It is time to uplift yourself & admire your willingness to help others.


PISCES: Kilimanjaro

Use some of that compassion trait of yours on yourself. Do not allow the criticisms of others affect your approach.


Horoscopes by @AstroGTarot

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