Cannascopes : June 2020

Cannascopes : June 2020

ARIES: BLUE KUSH When you doubt yourself, you give away your power. Committing to your plans will bring you the stability you’ve been missing in your life as of lately. TAURUS: NINJA FRUIT There may be a male figure that will shine some light on that idea you have been brainstorming on. Asking for advice is NOT a sign of weakness. GEMINI: SUNSHINE Happy Birthday, my verbally expressive souls. This IS your season, so dedicate it to YOU. You are always there for others. Spending, forgiving, and giving too easily to unappreciative people will continue to leave you burnt out. CANCER: CRITICAL JACK Trying to stay healthy mentally, emotionally or even both will always be a juggling act. Just stay loyal to bettering you. Do not let your ego distract you from that objective. LEO: LA CHOCOLAT Let’s start by taming that brain of yours. Navigate gracefully through stress -- stress that you probably brought upon yourself. Your kingdom needs a confident leader that acts on a clear mind. VIRGO: PURPLE COTTON CANDY You will always come across obstacles when helping others. Don’t let that deter you from doing so. The satisfaction & rush you feel in your heart is priceless & rewarding. LIBRA: JACK'S CLEANERS Sharing your idea/s with others may have left you more confused on what actions to take. Don’t let that feedback discourage you. Take notes, it may make more sense later. SCORPIO: SKUNK HAZE Being so bored indoors has sparked an idea (or a few). It seems promising as long as you focus on it & do a lot of research. Speak to experts if need it be. SAGITTARIUS: NORTHERN SKUNK You hold the key to unlocking & releasing all the pain & hurt others have caused you. A good cry in the shower never hurts. CAPRICORN: BIG SUR HOLY BUD Sometimes leaving is the best decision when you have done your (best) part & waited. If home doesn’t feel like home, please leave. This can pertain to work, relationships, friends, etc. AQUARIUS: WELLNESS OG Time to put an end to unnecessary grudges, regret, & shame. Forgive others & then yourself & move on to conquering a baggage-free life. PISCES: SHARKSBREATH Cut out people that no longer bring value, not only to you, but to themselves either. Talking about Them, or even to them, won’t make a difference either. Do YOU!


Cannscopes By @AstroGTarot

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