Cannascopes: November 2020

Cannascopes: November 2020

ARIES: Catfish

One of the quickest ways to manifest things is to talk about it in the present tense. Speaking of it like you already have it proves to the universe that you believe in it. So much that you shall not worry, nor have any doubts, because you know those blessings are heading your way.


TAURUS: Treasure Island

Sometimes we get so caught up in the little details that we forget to take a step back. Re-examining the bigger picture for adjustments, or simply to admire your progress of work, helps you reset a bit just so you can dive back into working hard.


GEMINI: Malawi

It is time for you to catapult your behind out of your comfort zone. It is good to be cautious, but great discoveries come from taking risks, going into the unknown, and even diving deep within your soul. Make those plans or decisions. Your time is NOW!


CANCER: Hurricane

Avoid negativity at all cost, whether it’s coming from others or possibly even yourself. Just be mindful how you react when it cannot be avoided. Also, self-doubt is a negative energy to have lingering around you. It will rub off unto others. So, like I said before...AT ALL COSTS!


LEO: Moose and Lobsta

Allow yourself to loosen up when it comes to control. It shall allow you to release tension and also to receive blessings quicker. It’s one thing to have things in order, it’s another to obsess or have them consume you to the point that it affects your health.


VIRGO: Aurora Indica

Inner peace has to be found and worked on. As an earth sign you have the advantage of easily digging deep into the roots of your life. How shall you work and nourish those roots that lead to your soul and affect your mental state? Once you do, you will be left feeling rejuvenated and having the peace you have been desiring for a while.


LIBRA: Blucifer

It seems that you may need to do some cleansing to add more balance to life. This can be from throwing things out, cleaning or rearranging your home/office, to who you keep around you, to even the things you have held on to believing about yourself or letting go of grudges. Just as you want others at peace, you owe it to yourself 1st and always.


SCORPIO: Ecto Cooler

Happy Birthday, my deep-thinking souls. It’s time to be present for yourself 1st, especially after the many storms you have had to face. In order to grow you have to be ok with letting go of things/people that hold you back the same way a scorpion painfully outgrows and sheds its shell every so often. Letting go is never easy, but it is always so rewarding and it leaves you wishing you had done so way sooner. The Phoenix always rises from the ashes.



Becoming the pioneer of your life lets you set the stage for authentic achievements to enter. Work on yourself on all levels when possible. Start small if need be, but just start. The universe will reciprocate the same energy you’re choosing to lead your life with.


CAPRICORN: Blueberry Yum Yum

Luck seems to have taken a vacation and it is heading back your way. you shall feel a sigh of relief and will be more at peace. Just make sure once it does, you take time to really enjoy it before you take on any more tasks.



Pay close attention to your daily routines/habits. How can you either improve them or when will you just start? Your physical and mental health is asking for your nurturing attention. It is more than OK to take care of oneself 1st.



This is the perfect time to take risks with people or things that can assist you on the creative side. You already know that when your heart is in it, your mind is activated to a motivational level. It is at this level where you discover all that you can truly be capable of doing and becoming, joyously.

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