Cannascopes: October 2020

Cannascopes: October 2020

LIBRA: Sour Chem

Happy Birthday, my lovely scales. Your focus for stability will come from a mixture of perseverance & love. Don't be afraid of love, when it is a key to your success.


SCORPIO: Dutch Treat Haze

Things, recently, may have not gone your way or in your favor. Releasing desired outcomes & accepting that you have a greater duty to attend to will bring your life back on track.



Honesty (towards others & yourself) & paying close attention to your health are key elements this month in order to have a peace of mind.


CAPRICORN: Qrazy Train

Focus on correctly putting blame on actions you took & were in control of. Denial will only keep you from finding balance within all relationships.


AQUARIUS: Critical Cure

Your wishes seem to be near, but they're stalled. Owning up to having fault in past outcomes, due to being impatient, may right some wrongs. Let go of time expectations, & watch the blessings flow right in.


PISCES: Bubba's Gift

When dealing with any partnerships, you are urged to let go of your fears on having a specific outcome. In order to receive desired results, you have to be able to be your true free-spirited self with everyone!


ARIES: Mickey Kush

Balance shall return to your life once you lose the fear of being hurt again. Forgiveness is key, not only to others, but to yourself 1st. Sometimes you're not at fault for the outcomes, but how you react & handle things can add more to it or help mend it. You choose.


TAURUS: Seattle Cough

Discovering some hidden truths, whether about yourself & /or others may have you in fear. Surrender to whatever you lost out on or did not receive. Don't fret on starting over, no matter how far you got before. Your determination will take you much further than before.


GEMINI: Critical Sensi Star

Hey, Hey, Hey, Twins! You will continue to block your blessings if you don't Trust yourself nor the process. No matter how bad it gets, over analyzing things will only set you back some more.


CANCER: Strawberry Satori

No one likes to fail. By focusing on the parts that didn't work or go your way, you bypass how you creatively can turn that no into a yes. Do you pay attention to the lessons, in order to not keep on failing or are you too consumed by losses?


LEO: Full Moon

Strength & disciplinary actions will bring you peace. Taking on life's challenges, or even your own desires, with courage & love will give you the balance you need to conquer your world.



After all the hard planning you went through during your season, you have to now balance by focusing on you & your health. Whether doing check-ups, eating healthier, exercising, writing, yoga -- anything you can do to cater to yourself. Hard workers need pampering too.

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