Cooking With Cannabis: Decarboxylation Made Easy!

Cooking With Cannabis: Decarboxylation Made Easy!

We all have that friend who loves making edibles, if you are that friend pat yourself on the back, we all need more friends like you. If you don’t have a homie that chefs it up in the canna kitchen, look no further because your homies at Happy Munkey have just filled that void. And today we want to give you an important lesson on how to get started on cooking with cannabis! Whether you plan on making a tray of brownies or an elevated 11-course meal, one step you can't skip is decarbing (short for decarboxylation) your flower or concentrates. To better understand what it means to decarb, we connected with our friends and decarboxylation experts over at Ardent Cannabis to see how the pros do it!


Ardent Cannabis is a Black & Female cannabis company based in the North East that has revolutionized at-home edible making with their countertop decarboxylation machine, the Ardent FX. Inside the sleek purple pill shaped body, the Ardent FX effortlessly and perfectly heats up cannabis in order to chemically activate the THC that would have otherwise remained dormant. The Ardent FX also has the options to specifically activate other cannabinoids like the popular CBD and the lesser known CBG

You’re looking at a before and after shot of the Ardent FX Decarboxylator’s decarboxylation process! On the left you can see the leafy bright green Sativa salad of Gorilla Glue #4 🦍 , Trainwreck 🚂, and Slymer flowers before decarbing. In this stage much of the plant’s THC potential remains inactive as THCA! On the right you can see the same Sativa flower salad now made noticeably more brown in color, and the cannabis plant matter’s THC fully activated from decarboxylation!


The next step will be to take our now fully activated flower and use it as any one of our many infusions! Believe it or not, you can even infuse the medium of your choice directly inside the Ardent FX! Allowing us to confidently and easily infuse all of our canna products knowing we are using the cannabis’s full potential each and every time! If you’re looking to get your hands on the Ardent FX, you can use this link to grab this amazing gadget and use MUNKEY for $30 off!


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