Curvy Cannabis

Curvy Cannabis

Cannabis-based wellness is not new. For centuries communities have benefitted from the medicinal properties of Marijuana and today, there is an entire industry centered on holistic wellness that taps into the endocannabinoid system. Despite this knowledge, there is a social stigma regarding cannabis consumption and patient treatment.


In 2019, #CurvyCannabis convened plus-size patients and cannabis consumers to connect, learn and consume cannabis in a body-positive and affirmative environment. The purpose, to connect women through cannabis and destigmatize its use through education. It was an exploratory event that led to positive outcomes for all participants. Invited to the session were social consumers who enjoy the euphoric effects of the plant and patients that use cannabis to treat pain, increase mobility, and recover from trauma. This session took place in Detroit, MI where adult-use is legal.

Though social consumption and education were core to #CurvyCannabis, the purpose of the session was to connect. During the conversation participants, all women, shared stories of shame regarding their bodies, fear regarding their goals, and stigma regarding their cannabis use. As the dialogue progressed, it was clear that the participants were experiencing healing through their storytelling and felt less alone in their struggles.


One activity used to facilitate this dialogue was floral therapy and intention setting. Using florals and foliage provided by Fresh Cut Detroit, participants created floral arrangements, and laughed that so few of them had seen the marijuana plant up close. In addition to creating arrangements, participants set intentions. They took risks with each other and were vulnerable with their feelings. Kenya, a radio personality and cannabis consumer, shared that she has aspirations of becoming a model and that #CurvyCannabis made her feel more comfortable with being herself. She was used to being judged for cannabis consumption but sharing space with other professionals and patients made her feel safe and less judged.


#CurvyCannabis is a testament to the need for more social consumption opportunities that normalize the medicinal properties of cannabis and forge genuine connections between patients and consumers. Though medicinal marijuana has been legalized in some states, the stigma around consumption can be isolating for patients.


And that is what made #CurvyCannabis so powerful! It brought together 10 strangers and gave them the opportunity to connect through their “feminine energy and sexiness for peace and comradery” as described by the participant, Ryan. The participants felt more connected to a greater community, empowered in their own skin and more educated on cannabis...sentiments all patients should have access to.


This year’s #CurvyCannabis takes place virtually to expand the opportunity across the country. To learn more sign up at


We look forward to vibing with you!


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All Photos provided by Olive J. Media (@olivejmedia)

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