First Time Getting High With Ramon Reyes

First Time Getting High With Ramon Reyes

Happy Munkey Anniversary, my Happy Munkey People!!! For those of you who don't listen to the Happy Munkey Podcast, we ask every guest that comes on the Boulevard with us "What was your first time getting high like?" So to start off this column I have decided to tell everyone an inside story of my first experience getting high! We hope you enjoy the journey down memory lane, and stay tuned for the next installment of “My First Time Getting HIGH”

My first time “getting high" or whatever you like to call it, was not my first time smoking so that’s why I specifically say "getting high"... So aight BOOM the year was 1996, Uptown NYC, Washington Heights, I was about 13 turning 14 that fall, it was my first year of high school, Timbs, hoodies and army pants was the gear. Wu tang, Biggie and the Fugees were in the air and I remember I used to listen to Bone Thugs & Harmony (yea I was that guy out the crew).


It was about five of us planning to stay over one of our friend’s cribs because his Mom was leaving for the weekend. Obviously the rest of us told our parents we were staying over our buddy’s house leaving that part out.

Now we have a safe place to smoke together and just be high. So one of my friends went up the block to get some Jamaican Chocolate Tie and my one friend who was a little older and more "experienced" rolled like 5 functional joints, nothing huge, just regular joint size. Night time in a one bedroom apartment, in the living room we lit up 1 joint at a time. By the time we were on the 3rd joint, I was super happy. Everything that was said in conversation made me burst out in giggles until I couldn't take it anymore, I just started laughing out loud in real life. It was a great night we laughed, we got the munchies and ate all the bread and jelly in the apartment, drank all the juice, I think we made tang or some shit like it, listened to music, talked more shit and fell out. I didn’t consistently take up smoking until maybe 2 years later but the first time feeling the high was definitely a night I can't forget.


-Ramon Reyes

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