Happy Munkey Talk: Nico Marley, Founder of LION X Wellness

Happy Munkey Talk: Nico Marley, Founder of LION X Wellness

Greetings Happy Munkey Fam,


This month we caught up with former Redskin & grandson of cannabis legend Bob Marley, Nico Marley about his CBD company Lion X Wellness! It is always inspiring connecting with amazing people in the industry with a deep and true love for the cannabis plant! We are honored and excited to share some of our conversation and hope you enjoy!


Q: How’s it going for you during this quarantine?


A: Quarantine is cool the first month, first few weeks, then you know you kinda get into a rhythm of the living room and then the kitchen. It might get a little old but you know it’s cool though, you know we’re blessed and everybody is healthy so no real complaints.


Q: What are you smoking on?


A: I got my little brother here, he smokes down the place. I don’t burn too much but you know if I’m burning, I’m burning with him. You know I got the Sherbinski’s, that’s my man... we live the down the street from him so we head down there every once in a while.


Q:What is it about Lion X Wellness that’s makes it special?


A: All our stuff is organic, we make sure everything is certified. The farm we work with, it was the first licensed to grow hemp. Even with my family everything was organically certified, like the farms in Jamaica. We make sure there are fair wages, that’s something that we make sure we do, we make sure we make the best product we can find, and making sure that I wouldn’t give anything to somebody that I wouldn’t take for myself. If it’s anything I’m taking, I’m making sure it’s organic. I’m making sure that it passes all third party tests, and I’m making sure that it’s something that I feel confident enough to give to somebody because I’m taking it.


Q:Why the move away from football?


A: That story goes like this, when I was playing football in the last ten years that I’ve been doing it, I was thinking about the path that I’ll be on in the next ten years,… when I got cut by the Redskins it was when I hit a crossroads of what I wanted to do if I wanted to get back in that mindset of just playing ball. When I’m in that mindset I’ve got a different focus that I got to be on, I’m not the nicest guy. I got to be all in, and you got to be all in with your mind and all in with your body. What really steered me away from football was just that I got to play and I got the satisfaction of making my family proud, once I made the NFL I was proud and I had nothing more to prove to myself. Being away from the game and being with my family and to have that sense that they’re still proud of me even though I wasn’t playing. I was good with myself and they were good with me, so that’s why I immediately chose to step away from the game.


Q:You could have taken many paths, why take up cannabis/CBD full fledged?

A: The reason why CBD now cause, I wanted to still able to give back to all the athletes I used to play with. I still want to give back to people, you know, you got to do like mama says. I still wanted to give back and make people happy, make people feel better and try to help more. I’m still tryna make my family proud, how can I honor my family… Grandfather said “Herb is the healing of a nation” right? ever since I could remember, even to this day, my father use to smoke and tell me, “not to smoke, this is not to get high. this is medicine this is a spiritual can connect, it’s more than just to burn just to smoke.”


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