Hemp Can Save Our World

Hemp Can Save Our World

What if I told you that you could be completely surrounded by Cannabis wherever you go? And that this magical Cannabis world is future Earth completely healed, sustainable and balanced?


Cannabis Sativa, aka Hemp is weed’s less psychoactive cousin, most recently associated with its medicinal compound, CBD, is a fast growing herbaceous plant with deep roots in human evolution since the ancient civilizations. Aside from providing medicine and food, hemp is an incredibly versatile crop that has the potential to save the planet.


Jack Herer, author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and cannabis/hemp activist known for his famous strain, Jack Herer, once said, “Hemp is the future of mankind or there will be no future”


Was Jack Herer Right?


Looking at the current state of our planet, there is certainly cause for concern. The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2)in our atmosphere, as of 2018, is the highest it has been in 3 million years as a result of human impact. Earth’s climate is being deeply affected and therefore it is affecting it’s oceans, plantlife and wildlife too. Deforestation, contamination, Greenhouse gases, soil deprivation, are now more than ever posing a threat to the survival of all organisms on earth, including humans, and it could all be reversed with hemp.


If we look back, Hemp was grown abundantly throughout the world up until the 1900s. In fact, farmers were required to grow Hemp in America or they could go to jail if they didn’t, due to its high demand during war times. Hemp use was so common that even money was originally printed on it and hemp itself could be used as “legal tender” (money).


Why hemp?


Jack Herer said it’s best! file:///Users/Sofya/Downloads/cannabis-2028244_1280.png


“Because cannabis hemp is, overall, the strongest, most-durable, longest-lasting natural soft-fiber on the planet. Its leaves and flower were, depending on the culture, the first, second or third most-important and most-used medicines for two-thirds of the world’s people for at least 3,000 years, until the turn of the 20th century”


“Botanically, hemp is a member of the most advanced plant family on Earth. It is a dioecious (having male, female and sometimes hermaphroditic, male and female on same plant), woody, herbaceous annual that uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on our planet, reaching a robust 12 to 20 feet or more in one short growing season. It can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on Earth, even marginal ones.”


“Hemp is, by far, Earth’s premier, renewable natural resource. This is why hemp is so very important”


So How Can Hemp Save the Planet?


Hemp is a planet detoxer.

In contrast to cotton, Hemp does not need pesticides and as a result decreases the need for contaminants in pesticides that poison our planet. In fact hemp absorbs contaminants such as heavy metals and helps keep soil and the air clean.


Hemp nourishes soil.

Hemp can help reestablish deprived soil with nutrients and enhance its natural microbiome


Hemp reduces plastic contamination. Hemp can be made into biodegradable plastic and it is non-toxic, as opposed to the poisonous plastic derived from petroleum that takes thousands of years to decompose, sheds chemicals into our food, and is currently polluting our oceans and killing our wildlife.


Hemp can be made into Biofuel.

Hemp can be made into biodiesel that can be grown locally and inexhaustibly.


Hemp reduces Carbon Emissions. Hemp has the ability to absorb and retain Carbon dioxide from the environment at a very fast rate in a process known as Carbon Sequestration


Hemp reduces Deforestation. Our Rain forests are disappearing due to deforestation from agricultural development, urbanization and industralization. Hemp brings some hope, it can replace trees as the primary source of raw material for wood and paper. Hemp is able to produce 4 times as much paper in one year than trees that take years to grow would in an equivalent section of land.


Hemp makes the planet healthy

Hemp nourishes our body’s Balance System, our Endocannabinoids System (ECS). Most animals have an ECS which influences the function of every organ system in the body. In addition hemp produces vital proteins and vitamins for animals and humans


Hemp helps expand our consciousness.

Through practices such as CBD Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, Hemp could be used as a tool to help us connect deeper to ourselves, and the natural world around us. The secret to unifying our planet and creating a shift in perception is through connection. Hemp, like its more psychoactive cousin, is a connector and can help enhance our awareness and help us tap into our true selves and the universal consciousness.


About the authors:

SannaOhana Wellness was started two years ago with a mission to enhance our community's perception and eliminate the stigma toward Cannabis by delivering Endocannabinoid System education and a one of a kind Restorative CBD Yoga experience. We focus on teaching our students how to reach a higher level of awareness that enables them to detect when there is a physical or emotional imbalance and to use Cannabis Yoga as a tool for self healing so that they can restore their own balance.

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