Jose Rozay Strain Of The Month March: Haze

Jose Rozay Strain Of The Month March: Haze

Haze is the Rozay Strain Of The Month for the month of March. Growing up in the Washington Heights Uptown part of Manhattan I was practically raised around the haze strain. Due to the high volume of Haze usage In Washington Heights it was labeled the home of the Haze. Literally the first strain I have ever smoked, and it is one the most THC-potent strains that cannabis has to offer. Haze gives you a hazy, uplifting, euphoric high while allowing the user to remain physically active. It is said that Haze is the most grown 100% sativa hybrid in the world, appreciated for its characteristic taste and smell. The history of the haze strain is pretty hazy itself. Said to be originally grown by the haze brothers in the 1970s with a cross breed of a Columbian strain and a Mexican strain. Though some say the “Haze Brothers” never existed and give credit to “Sam The Skunkman” for traveling with seeds to Holland and introducing them to Neville Schoenmaker who ran the seed bank of Holland. Over time many other different haze strains were developed like the Super Silver Haze & the famous purple haze. They say that in some Amsterdam coffee shops if you know whereto look, you can still find descendants of the first haze plants from Neville. Still to this day haze is still one of the most popular sativa hybrid strains in the world and certainly one of my favorites to enjoy.


Have you had the opportunity to try this magical strain???

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