Kicks 4 Da Kulture: Strawberry Cough

Kicks 4 Da Kulture: Strawberry Cough

April 20th for many people is just another day, and for some it’s a birthday, but for stoners around the world it its the day to blaze. It’s the official holiday for cannabis culture globally. There is no doubt art and cannabis are beautifully intertwined and throughout time cannabis culture has influenced fashion themes in many ways. Specifically with sneakers, almost every major sneaker brand has rolled out their own unique cannabis-Inspired design concepts. Cannabis has also been influential in the skateboarding community, as many skateboarding legends were stoners and sneaker collectors as well. The best example of how weed has indeed become a sneaker head staple is Nike SB. Nike SB is one of the sneaker brands that has been extremely supportive of cannabis culture, releasing a unique sneaker every year on 4/20 purely inspired by cannabis! Every 4/20 collectors and resellers wait on huge lines for the release of a new one-off concept sneaker, that many times gains enough hype that the value increases double or three times the retail price.


Many classic themes have been released through the years for example, the “Cheech and Chong” dunks, or even the most memorable and coveted “Skunk” dunks. This year I look forward to the release of the all new Nike SB Dunk high sneaker tagged “Strawberry Cough”, paying homage to the well known, fruity sativa strain. Designed by Todd Bratrud, the “Strawberry Cough” sneakers are constructed out of a textured red upper with green hairy suede overlays resembling an actual strawberry. Another unique detail on the shoe is that it includes a coughing strawberry logo on the heels and insoles. The Sneaker will be releasing April 20th at select skate-shops and Nike apps. Best of luck grabbing your pair this 4/20 and let us keep 4/20 sneaker culture alive!


Now let’s take a look at some of the most memorable 4/20 inspired releases of the past.


Nike SB Dunk low “Hemp” Pack (2004) made mostly out of hemp material with limited manufacturing of only 420 pairs of each color. (Below)


Nike SB Dunk high ‘’Cheech & Chong”(2011) inspired by the legendary stoner duo! The sneaker featured the unique detail that allowed you to burn or remove the top layer of the white part on the toe box revealing another unique mossy green suede texture representing WEED. (Below)


Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”(2010)

The most memorable and valuable cannabis inspired sneaker are the Skunk Dunks. The Skunk dunks got that stanky green with pops of hazy purple and a unique stash pocket behind the tongue. (Below)


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