Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Lil Wayne & Cam'ron Paving The Way

Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Lil Wayne & Cam'ron Paving The Way

Welcome back Happy Munkey fam, In this September edition of Happy Munkey’s Kicks 4 The Kulture I will talk about the influence that music recording artists have had on the 420 sneaker culture. Well we all know skaters and sneaker company’s paved the way for 4/20 inspired sneakers, but when big name celebrities started collaborating with sneaker company’s it sparked a lot of attention towards the 420 sneaker culture. In this article I will be focusing specifically on two legendary sneakers. The first inspired by the President of Young Money Records and legendary recording artists Lil Wayne. The second sneaker was influenced by Harlem New York’s very own rapper, record executive, and actor Cam’ron, who many may know as “Killa Cam”. Both artists have had such a major role In the hip hop music culture that releasing their own sneakers was not only monumental but extremely well deserved.

On April 20 2013 skate shoe company Supra Footwear made a sneaker collaboration with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is a huge fan of the skate scene, so it’s no surprise Supra worked with him on his first sneaker. Labeled the Supra S1w “Tree Camo”, the sneaker was released alongside two other pairs of Supra sneakers in a pack named the Lil Wayne Vice Pack. Each sneaker displays different patterns and themed colors. One sneaker was named “The Candy'' because of the candy-like details on it. “The Drank” was the purple sneaker in the pack inspired from the Lil Wayne staple “Sizzurp” or “lean” drink. And last but definitely not least the “Tree Camo” sneaker which was the cannabis inspired colorway. All three sneakers represented Lil Wayne’s vices “candy, drank, and trees.” I have to admit this was an undoubtedly interesting release for the sneaker and 420 community.


On April 20 2016 Reebok teamed up with New York native Cam’ron in making the Reebok Ventilator Supreme “Purple Haze”. The sneaker itself has many details that have to do with Cam’ron, for example the rapper’s infamous pink outfit portrait picture of him displayed on the insole of the sneaker. The sneaker has a pink interior with the outsole mostly covered In a smooth purple suede, inspired by the artists fourth studio album, “Purple Haze” and one of New York’s favorite strains. Interesting to know that when these kicks released 500 lucky people were chosen to receive an exclusive pair which came in a clear purple box accompanied by a pair of Killa socks, Killa rolling paper, and a thumb drive containing the Killa Cams new single hit. The Purple Haze Reebok’s are without a doubt a New York classic.

In conclusion, the sneaker game is evolving, celebrities are dabling into the sneaker business, and I’m just happy they are bringing the 420 culture along with them. Can’t wait to see what other artist and sneaker companies will collaborate on next. Special shoutouts to Camron and Lil Wayne doing their thing with kicks and as forever respected legends in hip hop. With that said I hope y’all enjoyed this featured kicks 4 the Kulture and hope you have a Happy Munkey September!

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