Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Nike SB “Chunky Dunky” Dunk

Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Nike SB “Chunky Dunky” Dunk

This month, Nike teamed up with the legendary munchie maker, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, to bring us the Nike SB “Chunky Dunky” dunk.  With Ben & Jerry’s being no stranger to chunky they lend their flare to this Nike SB silhouette to bring us the most coveted pair of Dunks in the last decade. Now at first glance the pairing may seem odd but when you consider both company's history, it seems to be the perfect marriage.


Ben & Jerry’s ice cream got their start in Vermont, churning out their creamy delights in 1978. Their ice cream had chunkier ingredients mixed in for better mouth feel, which was drastically different than their competitors at the time. One huge factor in their rise to the top was their innovative flavors and creative names for them, some even coming from the most unlikeliest places. Ben & Jerry started their push into pop culture with the flavor “Cherry Garcia” named after the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia in 1987. After its chart topping success, they’ve built a stable of flavors working with the likes of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon to the band Phish and the cannabis legend, Willie Nelson.


On the other hand we have Nike SB getting its start in 2002, after a couple failed attempts at grabbing the skateboarding market in the late 90s. The initial run of sneakers were born out of collaboration between real skaters and Nike’s design team. This partnership gave way to a new style of skateboarding sneakers, that were slimmer than other skate brands and still had the classic Nike style. Little did Nike know that these skater kicks would branch out further than the skateboarding world. One of its first collaborators being with Supreme, to release a reworking of the Jordan 3 cement texture on the Nike SB Low Dunk. Off of that they opened the doors to work with other skate brands and eventually entrenching themselves in the culture by working with designers like Jeff Staples and graffiti artist Futura2000.  Due to the success of these collaborations, they went back time and time again to collaborate with companies deep rooted in skateboarding, Hip-Hop, and street culture to become some of the most coveted sneakers by Sneakerheads.


Though both companies are out side of each other’s realms, they’ve met up to make the most illusive pairs of sneakers in the last 5 years. With its spotted cowhide accents along the sneaker and its painted bright and sunny pastures making up the leather uppers all tied together with a yellow swoosh designed to look like melting ice cream, it’s a bold and vibrant pair of kicks guaranteed to catch your eye. The tie-dye lining of the sneaker harkens back to 1978 hippie days of the ice cream company’s origin and the proverbial cherry on top is a message by Jerry Greenfield embroidered on the tongues that reads “If it’s not fun, why do it?” Which exemplifies the exact reason for the collaboration and embodies both companys’ spirit since their start. To seal the deal, they were first released to skate shops to keep true to the Nike SB tradition, and some pairs were even being sold in boxes that look like an ice cream pint. These kicks retailed at $100 but now can be found on the resale market for as low as $1900 due to such limited production run and hype surrounding the release. The resale market has churned these kicks into Ben & Jerry’s most expensive scoop to date, so try and cop you one.


-Rafael Hernandez

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