Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Spooky SZN Edition

Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Spooky SZN Edition

Welcome back Happy Munkey Fam to a new edition of kicks for the Kulture. Spooky season is upon us, so for the October edition we will focus on a few of the greatest Halloween themed sneakers ever released. Many people love Halloween for different reasons, some love it for the endless horror movies shown on television, others love it because they can dress up in costumes and attend parties and events, but then there’s the sneaker fanatics who simply look forward to getting their hands on the new Halloween exclusive silhouette released. The hype for Halloween sneaker releases started around the early 2000s when Nike focused on designing their most coveted sneaker silhouettes with Halloween colors. The Nike Air Force ones and the Nike dunks were two of Nike’s most successful silhouettes used to produce Halloween themed exclusives. I will now display a couple of the best and most valuable Halloween themed sneakers that coincidentally all were released in the same year.


Air Force One Premium “Frankenstein

Released: 2006

The Frankenstein air force ones released in a family pack alongside a kids sneaker and a women’s sneaker. Nike went crazy on the details of the sneaker. First of all, they were patent leather which always makes a sneaker look better, then they were one of the first sneakers to have a metallic silver check, and two toned colors. For further detailing Nike designed Frankenstein’s signature forehead stitches on the toe box. This without a doubt is one of the most valuable Halloween themed sneakers ever.


Nike Dunk SB Low “Day Of The Dead”

Released: 2006

The day of the dead dunks are the holy-grails for some collectors. The sneaker design was inspired by Dia de Los Muertos which is celebrated in Mexico as another form of Halloween. The sneaker is covered in skeleton print and black, orange, and purple Halloween color scheme. What makes the day of the dead’s so special is the fact that they only released In Mexico and Canada making it nearly impossible to purchase if you lived anywhere else. The fact that it was so difficult to obtain a pair made this sneaker instantly rare and very expensive in value.


Nike SB Dunk Low “Freddy Krueger”

Released: 2006

The Freddy Krueger Nike Sb are without a doubt a legendary sneaker. The sneaker is detailed with red and green stripes to match Freddy Kruger’s sweater. Nike added blood splatter to add suspense and brown overlays that look similar to the killers decayed skin. They even added a metallic silver check on these bad boys specifically to represent Freddy Kruger’s razor glove. To add to greatness Nike was never able to release this sneaker due to copyright problems. Only a small number of people in the world own a sample pair. A pair of Freddy Kruger Nike dunks could run you anything from 25k to 40k a pair......these are the best if you ask me!!!


In conclusion, Halloween nowadays wouldn’t be complete without a Halloween themed sneaker release. Though the sneakers that I have displayed above are all on Hall of Fame status and obtain unmatchable greatness, I hope to see sneaker companies over time continue to produce more highly detailed Halloween sneakers. Halloween exclusively themed sneakers are not just for the sneaker fanatics or resellers it’s for the Kulture. Hope you enjoyed the Happy Munkey spooky Kicks 4 the Kulture edition and as always stay Happy.


-Jose Rozay

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