Kicks 4 The KULTURE: The Grateful Dead NikeSB Dunk

Kicks 4 The KULTURE: The Grateful Dead NikeSB Dunk

Welcome back to another edition of Kicks 4 The Kulture! This month we take an inside look at the upcoming Nike SB Dunk Low inspired by the Grateful Dead. The Grateful Dead is arguably the most influential and most successful live band ever. Known as a psychedelic band with a very unique eclectic style, the Grateful Dead have established themselves as legends in the world of all things Trippy. Built on decades of hosting the best concert experiences ever and a recognizable psychedelic imagery in the form of endless variations of the infamous “Deady Bears”. With that being said the Grateful Dead are one of the biggest sources of inspiration for fashion designers looking to create trippy design aesthetic.


Nike Sb has started working on a sneaker project that pays homage to the Grateful Dead’s 1973 album “History of the Grateful Dead Volume 1.“ On the back cover of the album there were a series of polychrome dancing bears printed, which soon became the quintessential symbol of the band and the trippy and fun loving spirit of its fanbase. While it is not confirmed yet, it is rumored that since there were five different colored bears displayed on the album, Nike will be produce five different color ways of sneaker. As of now only a few pictures of the project have been released and no actual release date has been given.


From the small amount of photos out you notice the sneakers feature a few different textures. For example there are suede panels, a fuzzy faux fur upper, and even a jagged Nike swoosh inspired by the “Deady Bears”. The sneaker also has a secret stash pocket behind the tongue of the shoe, which is perfect for all your 420 friendly goodies. With no actual release date, I am hopeful the Grateful Dead Nike SB’s will release soon! One thing is for sure, when they do drop they will not be easy to obtain. I suggest keeping a close look out for these and check in with Nike news, because once sold-out the sneaker will sky rocket in value on the resale market. If you do manage to grab a pair, just keep in mind that these sneakers are a valuable historic piece of fashion dedicated to the culture. Kickz like these would even make the lead guitarist , vocalist, and late great Jerry Garcia crack a big smile!!!


Until next month Happy Munkey Fam, stay safe & definitely stay LIT!


-Jose Rozay

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