Latinx En Cannabis Vol. 3

Latinx En Cannabis Vol. 3
Welcome Back Happy Munkey Fam! The Happy Munkey crew is bringing you another volume of standout Latinx individuals in the cannabis industry. We are big believers in giving people their flowers while they are here, but with that being said this is not by any means an end all be all kind of list. There are a lot of Latinx people making huge strides in the cannabis industry and we plan to continue shining light on our entire Latinx cannaFam in future issues! Until then please enjoy our third installment of “Latinx En Cannabis”

Ramon Reyes


Ramon Reyes is the co-founder of Happy Munkey, co-host of the Happy Munkey Podcast, cannabis advocate, and proud Dominican hailing from Washington Heights, New York City! With over 20 years of cannabis experience ranging from helping pioneer the consumption experience behind Happy Munkey, to legacy market operating Ramon has been a lifelong embodiment of the Happy Munkey saying, “We don’t do it for the Clout, WE do it for the Culture''!


Jorge Letma


Jorge is the Horticultural Scientist for Viridis Laboratories in Lansing Michigan! With a degree in cannabis Horticulture from Michigan State Jorge is responsible for testing the majority of the flower and cannabis products produced for medical and recreational retail in the state of Michigan. Jorge is an innovative force pushing the envelope and helping set the regulatory testing standards for not only Michigan, but for the rest of the country! My first time meeting him he expressed the need for more Latinx people on the science side of cannabis, and hopes he and people like him can inspire more people to join the field!


Stiven Fernandez - Stiven is currently the Tableting Lead for 1906 New Highs a premium edible company revolutionizing people’s relationship between self care and cannabis. Owned by parent company New Cannabis Ventures, the 1906 New Highs team with the help of Stiven has become Denver’s fastest-growing edible company and has plans to rapidly expand to Maryland and Oklahoma!


Candy Angel - Candy is a proud Mexican and is the marketing director for WeedMaps, undoubtedly one of the culture’s most recognizable brands, helping people find, share, engage with, and review cannabis products, dispensaries, and companies for years! I met Candy in Baltimore during the Cannabis Science Conference in 2019 at the Weedmaps booth, and since then I have watched her and the Weedmaps team continue to dominate from coast to coast!


Bunny Might GameU -

BunnyMightGameU is a world known video game streamer, recording artist, cannabis enthusiast, and proud Dominican! Long before the days of quarantine and zooming Bunny has been cultivating an active presence in the world of gaming and Twitch! In addition to breaking the stigma surrounding women playing video games, Bunny has been a lifelong cannabis advocate that has continuously crossed streams between cannabis and the gaming world!


Antunette Gomez -

Antuanette Is the founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks, the leading Canadian cannabis brand for improving women’s sexual health. She is also a full time cannabis consultant and a proud public speaker on cannabis and its cross-section with sexual, women and minority issues. Antuanette is also an alumnus of the Happy Munkey Podcast, having graced us with an appearance on the Boulevard during episode 31!


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