Munkey Munchies: Gotham Burger Social Club

Munkey Munchies: Gotham Burger Social Club



Welcome back to another edition of Munkey Munchiez Happy Munkey Fam! This month’s installment goes out to all those FOMO-Fiend stoners like myself out there, with savory Munchiez always on the brain! I am talking about none other than the life-changing SmashBurgers hand crafted by the “Gotham Burger Social Club” (GBSC for short)! I was put on to their magic sometime late August by our friends at the Astor Club, when over a joint we discussed what we considered to be the “Best Burger in NYC”. Spoiler alert, we couldn’t pick just one, however one that stood out more than the others was the GBSC Smash Burger!


For those of you reading this who have not had the pleasure of having a Smash Burger, let me put you on! For starters Smash Burgers are not an everyday thing, GBSC pops up in different locations around the city serving fresh patties until they run out. So it is of the upmost importance that if you plan on getting this little slice of heaven you have to get there early! Once you actually make it to their popup, you will most definitely be welcomed with a line and the smell of all-American goodness being cooked on a flattop grill. As you get closer to the front to place your order you see The GBSC team prep perfectly round balls of premium quality chuck beef sourced from New York Valley Waygu! Those balls are then thrown on the grill, and thin white onions are placed on top. After a few moments Mike, the resident grill master, smashes down the balls to make their iconic ultra thin Smash Burger. The next steps include adding a single slice of American cheese and serving the thin burger on a potato roll with a small squirt of mustard, ketchup, house sauce, and two bread and butter pickle chips.


My go-to order is a single and a double, but regardless of what you choose from the first bite you will be sold. The meat is light and delicious with every mouthful tasting like the quintessential American fast-food burger. Shoutouts to Mike and the Gotham Burger team! Y’all are definitely holding us stoners down with the elite hand crafted munchies! Make sure to follow them on Instagram at @GothamBurgerSocialClub to get details on their next outing!


-David Hernandez

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