Munkey Munchies: Scarr’s Pizza

Munkey Munchies: Scarr’s Pizza

Here at Happy Munkey there are a lot of words that come to mind when describing our movement, but “clout chasing” has never been and will be one of them. Since Happy Munkey’s inception we have proudly made it clear we don’t do what we do for the clout, we do it for the culture. Nestled just north of the border between the LES and Chinatown, on Orchard street Scarr’s Pizza Shop deeply embodies that same authentic energy. Even describing Scarr’s Pizza simply as just a pizza shop the picture of vibrant New York Culture they have masterfully painted begins to narrow. Similar to how someone calling Happy Munkey just a cannabis company would severely miss the mark, Scarr’s Pizza is a New York vibe that can’t be bottled. With its old school sign hanging over the establishment and non stop line of pickup orders and people enjoying an ice cold Dominican Presidente on tap or all natural Henny Coolada, Scarr’s Pizza is hard to miss!


In the post Covid New York outdoor seating and block parties have become the norm, especially in the designated “Open Street” areas meant to ease overcrowding. Much like walking through the streets of European cities, Manhattan’s food and bar scene has started to flourish curbside. Scarr’s Pizza has been no exception! On a Friday evening in late June I headed down to Scarr’s craving a slice and Cesar salad, and to my surprise as I turned on Orchard I stumbled upon a block party hosted by Scarr’s next door neighbor, Boy’s Don’t Cry. Just shy of 7pm I strolled down the block and was quickly reminded of true New York summer vibes with the sound of people publicly hanging out listening to music, drinking and smoking. I pulled up on Scarr’s in the midst of the party and ordered myself a vegan Cesar salad and because of the summer vibes in the air I opted for an all natural Henny Coolada instead of a slice. After I placed my order I stepped out of line with my Coolada and made my way into the mix of the block party.

Me personally being quite cautious of large public gatherings with Covid still looming I debated taking a seat along the sidewalk, but then ultimately decided to chill near the makeshift DJ booth at the front of Boys Don’t Cry. To be both within an earshot away from my food order and close to the delightful sounds of the New York legend and IG Live Covid-19 sensation Statik Selektah spinning. It was probably my tenth time seeing Statik Selektah in person, but my first since the lockdown ended making it feel and sound brand new. As I grooved out to 1980s and 90s mixes being spun I heard my name being called and I knew my order was ready. I hopped out of the crowd and scooped my vegan Cesar salad and quickly went to town! All in all, big shoutouts to Audi and Scarr for the amazing and organic tasting food & always showing the Happy Munkey fam love, next time you are in the LES make sure to stop by Scarr’s Pizza and catch a vibe!


By David Hernandez

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