Munkey Munchies: Wah Fung No.1

Munkey Munchies: Wah Fung No.1

This month’s Munkey Munchiez is dedicated to a New York staple that has kept generations of people well fed without ever breaking the bank. I am talking about Wah Fung No.1 Fast Food the China Town classic! Whether you are trying to ball out on a budget or just have some bomb authentic Chinese food, you don’t have to look any further than Wah Fung! Earlier in the month My Brother Rafael and I were on our way to the Astor Club (IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW), and our customary J-stroll gave us a serious case of the Munchies. When I suggested Wah Fung, Rafael turned to me and said “What’s that, I’ve never been?” As my heart and mouth dropped, I quickly had us B-Line to Chrystie street where Wah Fung is located. There was no discussion, no questions, nothing, No way a brother of mine can be out of this delicious food loop!

We pull up the store’s red awning, from the outside Wah Fung looks very old and reminiscent of the griddy New York. But don’t let the outside optics fool you! There were 5 people ahead of us on line, which is rare since the lines usually stretch around the corner. As we queued up next to a glass window lined with hanging freshly roasted duck, roast pork, and chicken quarters, I could see my brother was intrigued. By the time we got to the door we locked eyes with a laminated sign that read, “Duck / Roast Pork / Chicken Over rice & vegetables only $4.50”. Looking over at my brother I could see both wonderment and disbelief at the price. Before we went in to the tiny shotgun style restaurant, I told him to pick his jaw up off the ground and make sure to order a roast pork and duck combo.


When we ordered, we saw the chef working a nonstop solo shift immediately go to work with his cleaver, chopping pieces of roast pork and duck with precision skill. Once the meat was ready he grabbed a to-go container and packed it with white rice and topped it with stewed cabbage. He then laid the freshly cut meat on the bed of rice and vegetables and then topped it with a secret sauce made from in-house duck fat all for the low cost of $6 (it was more than the base $4.50 because we got two meats)! When we walked out the store with our food a line of almost 20 people had formed, and we knew not only did we hit the spot but we got there at the exactly right time! Next time you are in China Town and get the munchies make sure to stop by Wah Fung No.1 you will not be disappointed!

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