Pressure Bust Pipes

Pressure Bust Pipes
The world we live in seems to be regressing racially yet our personal daily motivations are progressing rapidly. Everyone seems to have an agenda these days and for the ones that are trying to change their cities for the better THE PRESSURE IS ON HIGH! Protests are happening in many cities across the map. Even if you don’ protest Now is the time to create an agenda that matters. Cause no matter how much we all know this voting season is the actual depiction of a slap face emoji. We all still have/had to vote & motivate others to vote. Yes we know for the 1st time ever in Presidential history we all watched what looked to me like a trailer for “Grumpy Old Men” part 3. Our President refused to be respectful or professional the entire 1st debate and Biden I think has never seen an episode of “The Apprentice”. I was waiting for Trump to say “You're fired” to Biden at any given time because of how timid he was at 1st. Watching Trump speak shows how this one President has set the tone for supremacists to feel more empowered than ever. Our flag is ruined and Trump supporters are running around like Dennis the Mennis with it. Using the American flag to cause racial fear should be illegal but instead it's the new hottest trend in the USA. I am still trying to figure out why people keep showing up to protest dedicated to the awareness of Black lives with TRUMP signs & American flags? It's almost like his supporters are hiding their racism under his name.

We all see this rampant behavior & the amount of pressure to DO SOMETHING is starting to weigh in on individuals & businesses who care about what they see going wrong. Several families have members not even speaking because of differences in beliefs. Friendships are breaking after conversations on privilege or is it ok to trap families in cages. This pressure is exactly what we need in order to get some real change happening. It also is hard to see so many break ups. At the same time we got people that don't know what to do or don't really care, They toss BLM all over everything so they dont look out the loop. The one thing that can't be taught is authenticity. As a Black woman it’s hard to believe in every BLM sign that I see. As I walk through the gengirfied streets of Portland, OR I wonder what messages are these homes sending out that have signs in their windows. Are they unaware of the damage to Black lives they've caused just by being a part of gentrification?


Shoulders are heavy right now and it doesn't seem to be a release in sight. Besides our jobs, voting, BLM or personal relationships. This current economy is weighing in at home too. Many of us parents have also become school teachers. For working parents we can’t even tell you if our kids are truly going to school. In my household my daughter is the teacher because I work and I've witnessed her literally in class under a blanket. I recall walking into her room and saying “wake up for school”. She peels back her blanket from over her head and says “ Mom I am in school” as I saw the laptop lay next to her head. I knew then that this online school system is for the birds.

The pressure is coming from all directions right now for everyone. Having good weed is crucial right now. Bust out your favorite glass piece or roll that blunt and toke up. Because this pressure is not about to let up.


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