Putting On For Your City: A Kid From Coney Island Screening

Putting On For Your City: A Kid From Coney Island Screening

In the beginning of March The Happy Munkey crew got an invitation from legendary duo and Happy Munkey fam “Coodie & Chike” to the premiere of their newest film, “A Kid From Coney Island” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Not knowing much about the project, but loving both basketball and “Coodie & Chike” we proudly accepted. Upon entering the BAM we saw a small red carpet filled with press from the whose who of culture media. Walking down the carpet was the entire Lincoln High School basketball team with star alumni Stephon Marbury. And that was just on the walk in! Throughout the night we saw legends like Kevin Durant, Forest Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi, and Johnny Nunez. After catching some photos and running into a few people we knew, we grabbed our tickets from the box office. Before heading into the theatre we linked up with Coodie, shared our praises and wished him congratulations. And let me tell you, that congratulations was well earned because “A Kid From Coney Island” was a phenomenal film.


The film begins in chronological order tracing Stephon’s life and basketball career as a child growing up in Coney Island project housing to a family that ate, slept, breathed basketball. Highlighting Marbury’s PSAL career you could see at a young age he carried the pressure of the whole city. The movie beautifully shows Marburry’s struggle of balancing the pressure to succeed with the pressure to care for those he loved. As a native New Yorker, born and raised Uptown the story of Stephon Marbury, was not only captivating and heartfelt but extremely relatable. “A Kid From Coney Island” is still currently on pre-release, but when it does drop definitely make sure check it out, you won’t be disappointed!


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