“Remembering Charlotte Figi”

“Remembering Charlotte Figi”

Charlotte Figi, born on October 18th, 2006, inspired cannabis laws to change across America. This past month Charlotte passed away at the age of 13 years old, accomplishing more by the end of her short time than most adults do with a full a life. Charlotte also called Charlie was born a very happy and calm baby to parents Matt & Paige Figi. Everything seemed to be going fine until one night Matt was changing 3 month old Charlotte’s diaper and he noticed she started  convulsing and her eyes rolling. This is when Charlotte’s seizures started. At 2 years old Charlotte was diagnosed with and rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. By the age of 5 doctors were recommending they place Charlotte in a medically induced coma, asserting she wouldn’t live to see her 6th birthday. Charlotte’s parents Paige and Matt did not agree with the doctors recommendation but they were running out of options. This is where Charlotte’s magical story takes flight.


Both of Charlotte’s parents grew up thinking cannabis was a bad drug that had no medical value. But after seeing their daughter suffer and searching for ways to help their daughter, cannabis appeared to offer some hope. The couple came across a story of a young boy who started taking CBD to deal with his seizure. Living in Colorado there was a lot of access to cannabis, however it was very hard for them to get a medical card or medical marijuana for Charlotte because of her young age. Additionally dispensaries hardly sold any cannabis products with low THC and high in CBD.


Eventually Paige found a dispensary that carried a strain with extremely low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. While she was hesitant to give her daughter cannabis it was their only hope to help Charlotte. After learning how to extract the cannabis oil from flower, she gave Charlotte her first dose and then waited. One day passed with no seizures, then 2, 3, 4, 5 days. A whole week passed without Charlotte getting a grand mal seizure and that’s when they were convinced that CBD was helping their daughter. From 300 seizures a week down to 1, there was no question things were definitely getting better. But they weren’t out the clear just yet. They were running out of a consistent supply of CBD.


That’s when the Figi family found and reached out the Stanley brothers. The Stanley brothers were six brothers from Colorado who were in the business of growing cannabis. They had a special strain called “Hippie’s Disappointment”, that they were testing that was indeed very low in THC and extremely high in CBD. At first the Stanley Brothers were hesitant to take Charlotte as a client because she was just five years old. When they finally met Charlotte, the connection was instant and the goal was clear. CBD helped Charlotte control her seizures and that gift had to be shared with the rest of the world. The Stanley Brothers soon renamed “Hippie’s Disappointment” to “Charlotte’s Web”. Igniting a push for expanding Colorado’s medical program to include children, and even elevating the conversation of the medicinal value of cannabis to a global stage.


Soon after the success of Charlotte’s Web, Sanjay Gupta and CNN filmed a special called WEED, where they featured Charlotte’s amazing story and how one girl helped push cannabis laws in Colorado to modernize. The documentary quickly sparked a nation wide movement. Charlotte’s story inspired so many people suffering from different ailments like epilepsy to consider cannabis as an effective treatment. Seeing how effective CBD was for Charlotte gave many the hope they needed, as well as pushed the national conversation around cannabis forward.


For many years after Charlotte lived a happy life doing things she loved with her family.She enjoyed riding her bike and getting manicures with her mother and her twin sister Chase. This year things did make a turn for the worse. On April 7, 2020 Charlie passed away at the age of 13 from a grand mal seizure. Her legacy will continue to help many children and adults for years to come. Charlotte is survived by her parents Paige and Matt, her bother Max and her twin sister Chase. We at HAPPY MUNKEY honor CHARLOTTE FIGI and her amazing strength.


Rest in Power Little Warrior Princess!


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