Rose Blunts With Black Rose

Rose Blunts With Black Rose

Are you guys ready to add a new trend to your smoking routine? Well us at Happy Munkey have a suggestion. Rose Blunts. That’s right, you read that right. Actual blunts rolled on rose petals.


We have been hearing lately many people are trying the new trend of rolling rose blunts and I being Black Rose, the self acclaimed “ Queen of Chronic”  had to try for myself. Coincidently so did our COO David Hernandez. This was a project I couldn’t wait to take on. I did my first step towards researching how can we roll this blunt. I stumbled upon a video by @simple_sasha who tweeted a small “How To” back in 2017. Ever since then many have taken on the trend and have smoked the very floral rose blunt.


I had to finally try it. I had some fresh white roses I had just purchased. (Side Note: I buy myself flowers all the time. Good energy to keep at home.)It smoked pretty good and had a light floral taste to it. I then tried red rose petals and noticed an even more floral taste. You can roll the petals just like a backwood after going through the process of drying the petals 10 secs at a time to help them stick and then drying the blunt up so it smokes perfectly. If you’re worried whether it’s safe or not, don’t. It is perfectly safe and doesn’t posses any more danger than smoking tobacco and Cannabis. As a matter of fact, many tobacco companies have started to include rose blends in their cigars. So if you’re a daredevil like us at Happy Munkey, give it a try. I see this trend picking up momentum and can be a new floral routine to add to your cyphers. Enjoy and Choose Happy!


Step One: Broil petals for 10 seconds


Step two: Stick the petals together


Step Three: grind weed and place on bed of petals


Step Four: roll petals like you would a backwood


Step Five: Broil rolled rose blunt for 10 seconds


Step Six: let sit and continue to dry for two minutes.


Step 7: Smoke & enjoy your rose blunt!


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