Save Some for Later: All YOU Need to Know about Microdosing

Save Some for Later: All YOU Need to Know about Microdosing

When most of us are stuck at home and unemployment is at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to experiment with microdosing cannabis. As many of us have learned the hard way, chasing your highest high every time you smoke will ruin your tolerance and your wallet fast. In fact, you could be smoking more than your body can process and basically wasting your weed.


Not to worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about microdosing. Then, you can decide if microdosing will benefit you.


Reasons You Shouldn’t Microdose

  1. When you’re seeking high psychoactive effects. You may not get as much of the psychoactive effect with too low of a dose. However, if you’re consuming a lot it’s still possible to be using less and getting just as high.

  2. You require high doses of THC / CBD for medical reasons. If a lower dose doesn’t provide you with the benefits you medically require, microdosing is not the move for you.

  3. You get the effects you’re looking for every time you ingest cannabis and your finances are doing well.

Reasons To Try Microdosing

  1. Your tolerance has gotten too high.

  2. You feel sluggish, unmotivated and tired when you consume your usual amount of cannabis.

  3. Your habit is leaving you saying, “I am never going to financially recover from this.” Having a higher tolerance means you need more weed. Avoid consuming more than necessary to avoid increasing your tolerance and debt.

How Microdosing Can Help

First, it helps to understand how cannabis tolerance works. Taking larger doses doesn’t always lead to greater effects but it does make it harder to get high in the long run. The receptors responsible for putting the cannabinoids you ingest to use need time to recover. Neglecting this puts a cap on how high you can get. This is why most heavy consumers feel like they can never get as high as they did when they first tried weed.


High doses come with their own set of negatives. It tends to worsen my attention span. Not to mention, many of us believe cannabis can make you more social but most of us have also all been stoned to the point of awkward silence in a social setting before.


How to Start Microdosing

Fortunately, toning down your weed intake is much easier than with other drugs because there is no strong evidence of physical addiction


You don’t have to start by drastically decreasing your intake. Maybe try one or two pulls less than normal or less potent weed. Go for lower doses with edibles and if you’ve made a habit of smoking full-size joints, try clipping them halfway and see how you feel. If you’re still getting all the benefits you hoped for, keep the dose that small.


I personally cut the size of my average dabs in half when I’m trying to make them last longer, fix my tolerance or remain focused.


If you’re trying microdose to save money, it’s worth noting that using papers is one of the most wasteful ways to consume your weed. In fact, multiple studies comparing the effectiveness of joint smoking to vaping and dabbing have made this point. By switching to a bowl, water pipe, or vaporizer your supply will go a longer way. Don’t forget that joints and blunts remain lit when you’re not smoking them. So even when you’re not hitting it, your weed is burning away.


A heavy smoker’s microdose could get some people too high. Potency differs by strain, grower and individual tolerance. So, you’ll have to do your own experimenting to figure out what a microdose is to you. But once you do, your tolerance and wallet will thank you.

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