Strain of The Month of August : MAC 1

Strain of The Month of August : MAC 1

This August the strain of the month is without question MAC 1 grown by our friends and illustrious Motown Farmers, The Cannaboys! For those of who don’t know, the genetics of MAC 1 (also known as, Miracle Alien Cookies or Mother of All Cookies) were masterfully and meticulously crafted by the one and only Capulator in 2016 by crossing the cultivar Alien Cookies F2 #7, bred by JAWS and a Miracle #15 male (which was composed of Starfighter, bred by Alien Genetics, and a Colombian phenotype sourced during the Capulator’s travels in South America). While I had the pleasure to first try the coveted cultivar MAC 1 in 2019, it was not until my trip to Michigan last month where I was able to try MAC 1 freshly harvested from the original Capulator mother cut. I put the fresh frosty colas of MAC 1 in a glass jar and burped the flowers for 10 days to finish the cure and boy did that make all the difference!


On the 11th day, my nose told me the cure was done and this beauty was ready to smoke! I went to grab a nug and snapped it open to get to the source of the pungent stink, and just opening the jar my room was immediately filled with a sweet and sour pine scent that quickly reminded me of some kind of sour cherry yogurt with a clear backend petrol aroma. The nugs themselves were covered in a kiefy snow-white blizzard, unlike any other flower I’ve seen. When broken down with my trusty Happy Munkey grinder the MAC 1 became a gorgeous snow-covered salad of bright pinks, purples, and greens!

Most days I am a proud dabber, and really only smoke flower socially with the homies, however, this MAC 1 was something special! After grinding the MAC 1 I rolled about 2.5 grams in joint paper and sparked it just to myself. On the first drag, the sweet and almost woodsy taste was remarkably good! As I puffed, the room quickly started smelling like an earthy mix of jasmine and sandalwood. The next thing I noticed was an uplifting, yet calming energy from my face stretching all the way down to my knees and moving throughout my body! Each pull I became more and more relaxed, but surprisingly I wasn’t sleepy if anything I felt more calm and present with my high. Ready to chill I turned on Netflix to “The Last Dance” and floated on a cloud as I finished my joint.

For all my exotic smokers, or people looking for a new school strain to productively and calmly carry you through your day, I highly recommend getting your hands on some MAC 1!

-David Hernandez

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