Strain of The Month of June: Tokyo Rose

Strain of The Month of June: Tokyo Rose

Welcome back Happymunkey fam, for the month of June the “Rozay strain of the month” is Tokyo Rose. Cultivated by Garrison Lane, Tokyo Rose is an indica dominant hybrid with a high THC content that can range from 26-28%. The strand Tokyo Rose is not actually from Japan, and not to be mistaken with Tokyo Rose, the name given to female english-speaking Japanese propagandist during War World II. Even though the powerful mind altering high you receive from smoking Tokyo Rose can be compared to the powerful impact of the Japanese wartime propaganda. After smoking Tokyo Rose, I fell in love with the flavorful lemony taste on the front end, and the pink rose lemonade like aftertaste. In addition to the strong lemony nodes, there is strong gassy aroma left in the air.


The strain Tokyo Rose is actually fairly new since it was just introduced to the public in late 2019 and as of right now its genetics are unknown. The effects of smoking Tokyo Rose can be very relaxing with the user feeling full body effects and sedating cerebral calming. Tokyo Rose is a great treatment for lack of sleep, stress, and body pain. Tokyo Rose is perfect for calming feelings at the beach or watching a movie with a loved one. Take note and do not underestimate the Tokyo Rose, as it will put you in a deep sleep if you are not careful. Good tasting flavors and very high THC levels are the perfect combination of qualities that make Tokyo Rose a Happy Munkey favorite and my choice of strain of the month. Happy Munkey fam, hope you enjoyed the review and until next month stay high and stay fly.


-Jose Rozay

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