Strain of The Month of October: Banana Milk

Strain of The Month of October: Banana Milk

Welcome Back Happy Munkey Fam! This month we got a super special treat from our friends and Happy Munkey family Cryocure over in Michigan! The strain of the month of November is none other than the magical and ever so amazing Banana Milk! This past October the Happy Munkey Crew had the pleasure of spending 7 days in the Dirty Mitten, and during our time we got to check in with the Cryocure team down in Adrian, MI near the Ohio border. We made the trip to their ranch were greeted with the smell of dank buds the second the ranch doors opened. After lacing both Greg and Tracy up with our New Happy Munkey gear, we got right down to the Munkey Business. From Dabs to the exotic flower, Cryocure does not play any games! So when Greg pulled out the Banana Milk, I knew I was in for something special!

This Banana Milk is a phenomenal cross of a Banana Mac male with Lemoncello female, F1 pheno hunted by @FlowerFactoryFarms. The buds are hefty light green nugs completely dusted in bright orange trichomes hugged by healthy purples! At first I compared to the smell to a tropicana cookies, but after I broke a nug between my fingers and a sharp sour citrus smell shot up my nose on the front end, followed by a sweet creamy Mac 1 aroma on the back end. The taste while smoking the Banana Milk is spectacular, with nodes of lemon, sweet Mac, and even a little petrol gas, all coming through on the inhale. Only a few puffs in and I could quickly start to feel my body and mind drift because not only are the genetics A1, but Greg is a masterful grower. As I faced a joint of the banana milk in Greg’s kitchen I could see the wet ring of resin leading the ember down the joint, visually confirming the next level smoke I was enjoying. By the time the joint was just about finished I saw Greg walk in with a pyrex filled with THCa diamonds, and I knew my day at the ranch had just begun… All in all the Banana Milk is A1 smoke and if you are lucky enough to ever get your hands on some, definitely do not hesitate to pick up this bad boy!

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