Strain of The Month of October: Vino

Strain of The Month of October: Vino

Welcome Back Happy Munkey Fam! This month we got a special treat from our friends and Happy Munkey family over in Oregon. The strain of October is nothing but the sweet and seductive Vino cultivated by Pistil Point Cannabis! This magical strain stems from Old Family Purple & Merlot OG, and is without question a heavy hitter. The buds themselves are hefty, thick nugs encrusted with snow white kief and deep purples breaking the surface. Once you open the bag the aroma fills up the room with a frothy savory smell reminiscent of skunk, but with more of a pungent sweet berry punch. The high is also nothing to play with! After only a few puffs the high hits fast and heavy, and perfect for any of y’all out there looking for that night night indica body vibe.


To honor the gas Vino undoubtedly is, for the taste test I decided to pair the Vino with the famous Wagu Chuck blend burgers made by Gotham Burger Social Club. Before we indulged in the burgers I broke down a big nug into my Happy Munkey Grinder and was in awe of the smell Vino made while being crushed. Nodes of berries, gas, and little funk hit me like a train. When I opened the grinder a ray of light bounced out with the sea of bright greens and purples. I rolled the entire grinder pack into one cannon fit for the meal I was about to demolish. I lit the bad boy up and after only a few drags I could feel myself being lifted. Before I knew it I was in a trance and almost forgot I had freshly made Wagu Burgers waiting for me! All in all If you’re looking for a flower to take you on the border of being “Highschool high”, look no further than grabbing yourself some Vino!

- By David Hernandez

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