Strain of The Month of September: Miracle Whip

Strain of The Month of September: Miracle Whip

This September “Strain of the Month” is without question Miracle Whip,cultivated by the masterful MoTown Farmers and Happy Munkey family the Cannaboys. Hailing from a magical cross of The Capulator’s infamous “Mac 1” and a new school classic, “Cookies & Cream”, Miracle Whip's whole profile is an insane mixture of fruity, gassy, creamy aromas jumping out at you. Miracle Whip has a dynamic smell that gets more and more complex on each inhale. At first there is a sharp lemon and berry smell, that is followed by a frothy cream scent that reminds you of a barista steaming milk. The buds themselves are long and dense, with a healthy army green color, covered in trichome rich snow.


I decided to sample the Miracle Whip with some homies of mine out in BK. I have been avoiding cyphs for the most part, but this one was definitely part of the “New Normal”. My Homie Declan not only hosted the cyph, but in the spirit of social distancing he gave every person a clean bong for personal use! *** Shoutouts to you Declan! *** After crushing up the flower in our Happy Munkey Grinder, we packed individual bowls. From the first hit we were initially blown away by how smooth the smoke out of the bong was, in addition to the creamy taste that clearly came through the hit.


After smoking a few bowls of the Miracle Whip we vibed out to Nas’ newest project, “King’s Disease” and as the munchiez crept up we called in an order of wings from Wingstop. While we waited for the wings we ended the sampling session with bowls of Miracle Whip topped with Limoncello Bubble Hash from our homies at Cryo Cure Cannabis. While the hash has definitely slowed us down, the Miracle Whip’s smooth and uplifting high kept us up and motivated us for the wings we were about to devour.

All in all I highly recommend Miracle whip to any of y’all smokers out there looking for something with a heavy punch that still keeps you up and alert. Or anyone long time fans of Cookies, Mac, or just someone looking for a perfect Wake & Bake bud, Miracle Whip is here for you! Until next month Happy Munkey Fam, Stay Elevated, and always choose Happy!


-David Hernandez

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