Take A Trip Into The Future Of Cannabis!

Take A Trip Into The Future Of Cannabis!

Have you ever smoked a strain of cannabis that made you feel absolutely amazing, then smoked another batch of the same strain a few weeks later and it didn’t hit the same? You hit up your dealer to double check the name of the strain, and even check Leafly and Weedmaps to make sure the desired effects are what you remembered to be true. Or if you are lucky enough to live in a medical or adult-use state, you double check with your budtender and compare packaging from the separate batches. All to go down the same rabbit hole of the very inexact science of pinpointing what kind of cannabis is just right for you. WELL let the Happy Munkey crew give you a glimpse into the future with the brand new Tetragram App!

Using Tetragram you can Track, Rate, and Share your cannabis experiences with ease! By creating an account you instantly get looped into a community of cannabis users and their in depth reviews of actual cannabis products. No more fixating on strain names, Tetragram effortlessly lets you begin to recognize and build a familiarity with the specific terpenes that help achieve your optimal high! Even if you don’t do away with strain names, Tetragram allows you to take notes on everything from how you consumed the cannabis to where you purchased it. My favorite feature hands down is the focus on “What are you treating?”, creating a mental note and connection between your individual desired results and your experienced outcomes. In turn helping you refine your palate, and most importantly put an end to the cannabis guessing games.


Founded by Marylanders Otha Smith, Lucas Roe, and Julius Moore, the trio officially launched this game-changing app on July 10th, after three years of building, and have quickly made a name for themselves in the world of user based cannabis apps. By simply filling the information gap in the cannabis community, Tetragram has started to make waves among cannabis smokers consciously looking to enhance their relationship with this magical plant. Whether you are in a market with regulated dispensaries or if you still grab off your legacy dealers, Tetragram can definitely help you on your journey to being a more informed cannabis user! Make sure to visit their website and download their app in the App Store under “Tetragram”!


Until next time Happy Munkey Fam!


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