As I sit here on the day of the final – after 12 Democratic and that joke of a first Presidential debate – chance that voters are going to be able to hear directly from the cannadates, I am suffering from political fatigue; this campaign has been going on for over four years and I don’t know about you, I’m fried.

Yes, this is the most important election of our lifetimes, whether it’s your first or the 10th time, casting your vote for President is not only our right, it’s our duty, so that we are represented by people whose core beliefs sync up with ours. For me, the most important campaign platform affecting my choice in supporting a cannadate was their position on all the issues that we, the Happy Munkey family, take seriously and are priorities like expungement, social equity, social justice and of course, legalization.


Let’s be clear. Joe Biden is not my top choice and he seems to have delegated federal legalization or decriminalization to his running mate, which is a good thing: who can ever forget her voicing her support during her debate with VP Mike Pence. While I was always voting for the Democratic cannadates, her public stance put a lot of my fears to rest on that topic.


As we live through this pandemic, a lot of the country’s ugly side has been exposed whether driven by anger, frustration, massive unemployment and/or lack of leadership. For the Munkey family and Cannabis community, things we took for granted, like sharing a joint with strangers at a concert or party or dabbing, are history for now as well as showing up at your local polling place to cast your vote on November 3 and not waiting on lines for hours on end.


To help make voting as easy as possible in light of the issues of voting in person, in the NY/NJ area, mail ballots were sent to all registered voters earlier in October and early in person voting started in NY the week of October 24. In NJ, the ballot issue most important to the Munkey family, besides the elected officials like Biden, Cory Booker and others, if you TURN THE PAGE you’ll see the first referendum question which is to legalize adult use of Cannabis in New Jersey. We implore all our NJ family to please do that and spread the word.


When this issue comes out, it will be very close to election day. If you still haven’t mailed your ballot, as long as it’s postmarked by November 3, it will be counted.


As I said earlier, this endless campaign has left me exhausted. Regardless, I’m still energized to exercise my right to vote (full disclosure, I mailed my ballot in the day I got it and was able to track it being received by the Clerk’s office) and urge you all to as well. Whoever you vote for, VOTE. And then we can all twist up a fatty to celebrate that our system works.

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