The March To End The War On Drugs Recap

The March To End The War On Drugs Recap

The Happy Munkey team is 100% New York born & bred! But NY pride aside, we deeply understand the fight to end the prohibition of cannabis in New York will not be possible without our tri-state brothers and sisters! While New York continues to pass the buck on adult-use cannabis, New Jersey is building up the pressure with legalization on the ballot this November! That’s why when we heard about the amazing “March Against The War On Drugs” Josh Alb and the Why Not THC team were putting together we did everything we could to help. We were proud to find out amazing organizations like Sanna Ohana Yoga & Wellness, the Cannabis Cultural Association, SMART, Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM), Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey, and Heady NJ were also supporting the cause!

Being conscious that we are in the midst of a global pandemic the team headed out to Newark, New Jersey with protest signs and our facemasks! The march started at 4:20 PM on the steps of City Hall in Newark and passionately proceeded down the street chanting to Peter Francisco Park. Once we arrived at Francisco Park, Nadir Pearson and Josh Alb facilitated a peaceful protest where speeches were given that touched on the importance of community effort and action! Championing the idea that cannabis should be legal and decriminalized! "The War On Drugs” was created to bankroll prisons, the federal government, big pharma and industries that oppress and disrupt minority communities and people in poverty. All that must come to an end. And it will.


In addition to advocating for the end of the war on drugs, it was definitely a treat to see our friends after months of quarantine. For the first time since the pandemic started the Happy Munkey crew got to reunite with our New Jersey Cannafam! Shoutouts to Salam & Steph, Leo Bridgewater, Nadir Pearson, Andrew Behringer, Chris Lora, Jessica “Cannabogada” Gonzalez, Esq. and everyone else who came out and advocated for a more just and brighter future.


Photos by Christian Lora

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