This past month the Happy Munkey Crew launched www.HappyMunkey.com our interactive hub for all things Happy Munkey! Designed by Sofya Levina, Arian Walker and David Hernandez the website finally has created a centralized place for all the amazing moving parts that the Munkey consists of! Proudly claiming the title of “The Heart of New York Cannabis” the site gives you a portal into the magic Happy Munkey has been able to create over the last three years. 


By clicking the “Listen” tab, you are transported to the Happy Munkey Boulevard where you can tune into the latest episodes of the “HappyMunkey podcast” with all of your favorite guests like Uncutt Art, Dasheeda Dawson, Jamie Pearson, Freeway Ricky Ross & many more! The “Shop” tab, highlights the long anticipated “Munkey Mart” section for users to seamlessly order all their favorite Happy Munkey merchandise! At the moment we have a few of our staple merchandise items up, but staytuned as we have a bunch of surprises in store for the Spring! The “Watch” tab turns on Happy Munkey TV, our youtube channel filled with exciting, funny, and envelope pushing visual content! If you are not already following us on Youtube and TheWeedTube, do yourself a favor and get on that NOW! The “Munkey Biz” tab is where you can find the current, as well as past issues of Munkey Biz, the amazing monthly newsletter you are reading at this very moment! The “HM Hotline” is the place where you can write or call in to send a message to us at Happy Munkey headquarters! We do listen to and read your responses so please keep them coming, we absolutely love to hear from our Happy Munkey Family! Next we have the “About Us” section of the website, where you can get a glimpse at the whole Happy Munkey team making everything work from behind the scenes to front and center! Lastly there is one more section dropping sometime this March called “Peanut Gallery”, where you will be able to find curated photo albums of all our Happy Munkey adventures over the years. So stay tuned & please take a look at the site and send us any and all feedback!


When considering how we wanted to launch our website and welcome in the new chapter of Happy Munkey, the team couldn’t help but want to do something we had never done before. So we decided to kill two birds with one stone, and paired our first trip up to Boston as team for the NCIA Seed to Sale Expo and our website launch event!  So the team packed our bags and trekked up to Boston for the first time, not only to explore the Hynes Convention Center but to spread the Happy Munkey Vibes all across Beantown! Our team spent the convention catching up with all the companies pushing the dial forward in the cannabis industry, and handing out personal invitations to our launch event at an undisclosed nearby location!


The launch event kicked off just after the convention floor was closed and within minutes of opening our doors we had our first guests ready to kick it Happy Munkey style! As people entered they were greeted by a welcoming display of our Happy Munkey Art and a QR code poster that allowed for effortless access to the newly launched Happy Munkey website. Once upstairs our guests could relax and mingle with a joint or Puffco in hand, making it a chill and enjoyable after experience from the long day of being inside the Hynes Convention Center.  Looking around I was in awe of the diversity that filled the room. Black excellence is not usually a vibe felt in many cannabis industry gatherings, but there was no question we proudly brought that energy to Boston! From NFL players and cannabis retail license holders to journalist and legacy operators, it felt like we had every kind of person in the room tied together by the great equalizer that is cannabis.


All in all It was great getting to vibe with everyone who came out to the HappyMunkey. com launch event! The energy in the room was extremely vibrant and it is all thanks to the amazing people who showed out and shared their love of the cannabis plant. The words of Happy Munkey’s own Tech King sums up our feelings after the launch best: “Going on this trip to Boston solidified that Happy Munkey is making all the right moves to be a staple in the Cannabis industry across the states”. We will back in Boston hosting another Munkey Session on 3/21 during NECANN weekend! This time we got a great surprise for the venue, so definitely stay tuned! Thank you for helping us in pushing the culture forward, and we can’t wait to kick it again in Boston!

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