Culture Club Wants You to Get Into the Holiday Spirit and Give Back to Your Community

By Jamie Partida and Amber Wright

What does the holiday season mean to you? If you’re like most of us, this year will be very different and we may not have the chance to spend it with family like we’re used to. However, the spirit of giving should still live on as it offers us hope for the future. While many of us can get caught up in the gift giving, buying the newest and latest products that come out, that could mean a lot of stress and anxiety during these trying times. We suggest you roll up and light up, take a deep breath in and take a moment to yourself. It’s important to take this time and reflect on what the year has taught us and try to find peace from within. The good news is we are here to give you some helpful tips.

Try experimenting with Cannabis and food

This holiday season tries to experiment with cannabis infused into your favorite dishes to help you relax. Is there a certain strain you’ve been wanting to try? Cooking with cannabis doesn’t have to be intimidating, just think of it as an exciting new ingredient! Bake a cake or some cookies to snack on, maybe add a little THC olive oil to your savory dish. Yum! Prefer CBD? Try some CBD honey in your morning tea to calm your nerves. A few CBD gummies before your family gatherings will really mellow you out to enjoy the evening.

Remember to give thanks to others and most importantly yourself this season

Before you create your holiday lists for others, make sure you create a list for yourself. This list can consist of your accomplishments, goals for 2020, things your love about yourself , self improvements you want to acknowledge. Take this time and be thankful for what you have at this time. A lot has happened this year and we need to reflect on good moments and our moments of improvement. After that is done, you can spread the love throughout the holiday season.

How can you give back to your community & volunteer with Culture Club NYC?

A great way to lift your spirits is by giving back and volunteering. Volunteering may be different this year due to the pandemic and making sure everyone is safe. However, there are some ways you can give back while maintaining social distance. You can donate to your favorite social justice organization or non profit, donate your time or safely donate food to a food bank. Culture Club is encouraging all cannabis enthusiasts to be a part of something great by giving back this holiday season. Last year we donated several hours of volunteer service, and hundreds of items were donated such as coats, food, and supplies. Our Virtual Volunteer Event starts November 1st and we will be collecting items for donation in exchange for goodies such as rolling trays, lighters, grinders, glass pipes and more!

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