Jose Rozay Strain Of The Month April: Chernobyl

Updated: Sep 7

Welcome back HappyMunkey Fam, the Rozay strain of the month for April is ‘Chernobyl’ named after the nuclear disaster in Ukraine. Chernobyl is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with an amazing citrusy lemon taste that makes you fall in love instantly. It has a very strong high, and you can expect dreamy long lasting euphoric effects that lead to a relaxed mindset and happy mood. Originally created by Subcools’ the dank in 2007, Chernobyl is an interesting crossing between Trinity, Jack the Ripper, and Train Wreck. With THC levels reaching over 20% Chernobyl is definitely what smokers would describe as “the gas” and certainly not for beginners. I recommend this strain for those who suffer from depression or going through pain, due to the wide ranging cerebral brain high and its effect of uplifting your mood. It’s a fun strain for recreational use, specially because of its long lasting 3 hour high, alluringly tasteful aroma, and the different waves of energy it gives you. Chernobyl is without a doubt a heavy hitter with a one of a kind delicious taste which makes it a favorite for many and my choice of strain of the month for April. Let’s not forget, the best holiday of the year is right around the corner.

Have you had the opportunity to try this bomb strain???


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