Jose Rozay Strain Of The Month May: Bruce Banner

Updated: Sep 5

A new month brings us a new strain! For the month of May the “Rozay Strain of The Month” is Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner gets its name after the scientist alter ego to the green city-leveling super hero, the Incredible Hulk. Originally created by the famous Delta9 labs by crossing OG Kush (an old school classic) and Strawberry Diesel (fruity & smooth) together to make this fascinating strain. Bruce Banner is a sativa dominant hybrid with a gassy diesel aroma and sweet tasting flavor. Bruce Banner is without a doubt a very powerful strain that produces a strong euphoric high that rages like the Hulk. Hitting like a powerful Hulk SMASH, Bruce Banner is perfect for saving the universe with the Avengers, smoking & chillin with your friends, or maybe just as an uplifting reset after work. It sets a great vibe and definitely kick starts the mood. Bruce Banner is one of the strains that local New Yorkers would definitely call the GAS. Bruce Banner also produces a burst of creative energy for the user which serves as great motivation for you artistic people out there. All of these amazing qualities make the Bruce Banner my choice for the Happy Munkey Rozay strain of the month! Until next month everybody, stay safe and most definitely stay high!


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