Kicks 4 The KULTURE: Cannabis Kicks To Be Grateful For!

By Jose Rozay

Happymunkey Fam, welcome to the November edition of “Kicks 4 The Kulture!” Since we celebrate Thanksgiving in November, I will give thanks to a couple of creatively iconic sneakers that were inspired by the 4/20 culture. The Most recent 4/20 inspired sneakers released have been a lot more subtle with the colors and patterns used on recent silhouettes. Sneaker brand company’s and sneaker designers have been focused more on specific hidden details and the functionality of different materials.

“White Widow” Nike SB Dunk Mid

Released: 4/20/2018

The first pair of sneakers I will highlight and give thanks to is the “White Widow” Nike Sb dunk Mid. I’m thankful that Nike decided to create a sneaker named after one of my favorite and most hard to find weed strains in the world. Released on 4/20 back in 2018, the sneaker was designed by Todd Bratrud and constructed of fresh mint and sail suede, with additional red accents. The color-way and The fuzzy all over the sneaker suede mimics the amazing flower. Todd added an illustrated spider by the insole of the shoe and even placed a hidden stash pocket found inside of the sneakers tongue. Though it is interesting to see a Nike SB produced in the mid top silhouette form, instead of the normal high or low cuts, don’t think that by any chance there’s anything mid about these.

Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott

Released: 10/11/2019

The Second pair of kickz I will give thanks to are iconic because it is the first Nike “Air” Jordan sneaker released that took inspiration from weed. The Air Jordan 6 silhouette will always be respected as one of the greatest Jordan’s ever released because of the smooth designed look they have and the successful history that Michael Jordan has had while wearing them. Tinker Hatfield initially designed the Air Jordan 6 sneaker, but recording artist Travis Scott was able to revolutionize the sneaker with the help of Nike and the Cactus Jack campaign. Travis Scott went ahead and made his own version, with marijuana green suede all over the sneaker. Travis also added small stash pockets by the sneakers ankle areas, a feature that was never placed on previous Jordan silhouettes. Adding to greatness, the sneakers feature a midsole that glows in the dark. This is without a doubt the most trippy air Jordan to be released as of yet.

In conclusion, you never know what designers and sneaker company’s have planned next when it comes to sneaker concepts. One thing that is for certain, is that brand company’s and designers are going to continue to produce more unique designs and will continue to seek influence from different cultures, events places and things. I am thankful for the production of both sneaker silhouettes shown above and even more thankful to grow up at a time where sneakers are designed to have a meaning. Hope you all enjoyed this edition of Kicks 4 the Kulture and have an amazing November.


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