Meet Black Rose: Happy Munkey Brand Ambassador Spotlight

Meet Black Rose. Our Brand Ambassador/Content Consultant at H M. She has been a supporter of the culture since day one. Black Rose is Comedian/ Actor and a true Renaissance Woman. She’s a supporter of the cannabis movement and helps spread awareness with her comedic wit and great energy. A Socialite hailing from Harlem(N YC) with Dominican roots, she represents the Afro LatinX community.

One of our favorite roles she plays is “La Doña” where she portrays the role of an older Latin lady who has her own views on cannabis. We see Rose bring to life images we might have experienced with our parents or grandparents growing up and the stigmas around the matter. We hope to help inform everyone the benefits of CB D oils and how they can help with arthritis, fibroids, cervical cancer, anxiety, seizures and so many other things.

You’ll be seeing Black Rose represent the brand at various corporate events like Cannagather and Happy Munkey Sponsored events. As she quotes herself “Happy Munkey Will Be A Household Name”

We can’t wait to show you all the laughs and moves Black Rose has in store.




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