Strain of The Month of July: Garrison OG

By Rozay Jose

Welcome back Happy Munkey Fam, hope everyone has continued to practice social distancing and safely spreading positive vibes. It was a difficult decision, but for the month of July, the Rozay strain of the month is Garrison OG. “Garrison OG” is a indica dominant strain cultivated by Garrison Lane. If you’re not familiar, Garrison Lane is a Los Angeles based cannabis lifestyle brand that’s known for its award winning flowers. You can only imagine the focus and love that was put into growing the Garrison OG strain. At first sight, Garrison OG is a beautiful combination of bright yellow greenish buds with a mixture of orange and purple hairs inside a glazed donut-like finish. The THC levels reach up to 26.5% and CBD levels of 0.25%, instantly making this strain stronger than most. When smoked, the Garrison OG strain will immediately put you in a relaxed mode and gives the user a strong cerebral high that radiates around the body over time. When I smoked Garrison OG, I rolled two grams into a backwood and I certainly felt the potency pressure.

I highly recommend crushing this bad boy in a grinder so that you don’t lose any of the kief that would be guaranteed to accumulate under your fingers if you decided to hand grind. Garrison OG is without a doubt a night time strain that can definitely help those who lack sleep or are in need of a stress relief. The nose on the Garrison OG is funky rich aroma of fuel and soil combined together, with an earthy and gassy taste to match. After finishing my backwood there was no question Garrison OG might be one of my top 5 favorites. Happy Munkey Fam I sincerely recommend this strain, and am highly thankful that Garrison Lane created such an amazing strain. Until next time fam, stay high and stay blessed.


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